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Roncesvalles Health and Fitness Fair Coming Soon!

The First Annual Roncesvalles Health & Fitness Fair is a complete Family Wellness Event featuring education, food, fun, and activities for the whole family! Come out learn something new about your health, take your kids to the special Snap Fitness & All Healthy Kids Activity Zone, and do some shopping at the Marketplace.

2010rhff.jpgLocated at The High Park Baptist Church on Roncesvalles (9 Hewitt Avenue, one block north of the intersection of Roncesvalles and Howard Park Avenue.)

We are featuring Keynote speaker Rick Smith, Top-selling Author of the book “Slow Death By Rubber Duck, How The Toxic Chemistry of Everyday Life Affects Our Health”.

Construction Update November 17

Here’s the latest construction update for Roncesvalles Avenue. Please remember that schedules are subject to change.


As we’ve reported before, Enbridge Gas needs to come to Roncesvalles to do some work on the gas main from Howard Park Avenue south to Geoffrey St. The BIA had been very concerned that Enbridge would be coming on site during December, creating disruptions for our retailers during this very important shopping season.

We are happy to report that Enbridge will not be coming to Roncesvalles before January 10, 2011. Their work is not expected to take longer than six weeks.

We would like to thank Daphne Wee and Councillor Perks for intervening on behalf of the BIA to preserve the holiday season for our members.

Because Enbridge’s work might involve some work on the east side of the street, sidewalk and road work on the east side of Roncesvalles between Howard Park Avenue and Grenadier will not proceed until after Enbridge’s work is complete.

The BIA is requesting that Enbridge accommodate two-way traffic and transit during their work.


Sanscon is in the process of temporarily regrading the west side of Roncesvalles between Geoffrey and Grenadier and between Marmaduke and Howard Park Avenue. These sections of road will receive a temporary asphalt patch and will be open until Enbridge is working on them.

Additional crews are expected to come on board soon to speed up the work. Sanscon is determined to complete as much of their work as possible before December 3.

Businesses north of Howard Park Avenue should expect sidewalk and road replacement to begin within a week, possibly within a few days.

Today Sanscon began excavation south of Fermanagh Avenue, and will continue working in the south end over the next few weeks. We cannot predict how much they will manage to get done before wrapping up on December 3.

Sanscon has committed to not break up sidewalk or road that they cannot complete by December 3. This means that every business on Roncesvalles should have sidewalk and unobstructed access to their store from December 3 on.

Two-way traffic and transit is expected to resume on Roncesvalles on December 3 also.

We have requested that any road paving that needs to be done be timed to avoid our busy weekends in December. There is a possibility that some paving may be done over a few days during the week of Monday December 6.

If you have special requests or needs when Sanscon is working on your block, please don’t hesitate to ask the workers for your help. Sanscon has been very responsive to individual requests with respect to schedules, wider ramps, and so on.

==Work Through December==

There will be small scale work occuring on the street in December. This may involve things like: laying interlocking bricks, repairing private walkways on the west side, installing some street furniture and bike posts, and the like. None of this is expected to cause significant disruption to the street or to traffic flow.

==Completion of Work==

As mentioned above, Enbridge’s work will delay the completion of road and sidewalk in the north end. Additionally, it is likely that a few blocks in the south end of Roncesvalles will not be completed by our deadline of December 3.

Because concrete cannot be poured in very cold weather, and asphalt is difficult to obtain in the winter, Sanscon will not likely return to Roncesvalles for heavy work before April 2011.

Roncesvalles Village BIA Board Honoured at City Hall

rvbiamayorsmall.jpgOn November 16 there was a brief ceremony at City Hall to thank the hard-working volunteers of City of Toronto agencies, boards and commissions. Many hundreds of people volunteer their free time to serve on various boards, including those that govern the 72 BIAs in Toronto.

Outgoing mayor David Miller thanked the assembled people for their freely given time and labour to work to make Toronto a better place, and specifically mentioned BIAs as being a tremendous asset to the City, and one of Toronto’s greatest exports. (As you may know, the world’s first BIA was established in Bloor West Village in 1970.)

Representing the Roncesvalles Village BIA in the photo at left, RVBIA Coordinator Keith Denning, RVBIA Chair Tony Cauch, Mayor David Miller, and RVBIA Chair of Beautification Committee John Bowker.

Roncesvalles Historical Photo Exhibit At the High Park Library

The Roncesvalles Village Historical Society, in conjunction with local businesses, residents associations, and the Roncesvalles Village BIA, is mounting an ambitious photo exhibit at the High Park Library from November 12 to December 15. Come see what Roncesvalles, Sunnyside and High Park looked like 100 years ago (like this photo of the Revue Cinema in 1935.)

arevueexterior1935.jpegSpecial thanks to Michael Craig (Sunnyside Community Association) for spearheading this project, and Andrew Chomentowski (Image Professional Photography, Vice-chair Roncesvalles Village BIA) for his invaluable assistance.