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A Taste of Roncy

On July 26, in partnership with the Yellow Pages Group, we hosted the inaugural “Taste Your Neighbourhood” event in Roncesvalles Village.

Called “A Taste of Roncy”, this was a fun and free guided tour of some of the food businesses of Roncesvalles Village. About two dozen people congregated at the top of Roncesvalles Avenue and enjoyed an espresso shot courtesy of Starbucks before visiting the following businesses:

  • Stasis Local Foods (476 Roncesvalles, for cheese and prosciutto samplers)
  • La Cubana (392 Roncesvalles, for some tasty Cuban sandwiches)
  • Mabel’s (323 Roncesvalles, for lemon squares)
  • Pizzeria Defina (321 Roncesvalles, for margherita pizza slices)
  • The Mercantile (297 Roncesvalles, for some fantastic chocolate treats)
  • and Ed’s Real Scoop (189 Roncesvalles, for dessert!)

Along the way our visitors were treated to some stories about Roncesvalles Village’s history and present, as well as a short presentation from each business.

We hope to bring this event back to Roncesvalles Avenue in 2015.

RoncyWorks Pilots New Public Ashcans

Get Your Butt In Here!

Get Your Butt In Here!

RoncyWorks, our tireless group of volunteers, maintains our street gardens through the RoncyWorks Green Team and helps to keep Roncesvalles Avenue beautiful.

One of the biggest challenges RoncyWorks has had to deal with is cigarette litter. Cigarette butts end up in our gardens, in our gutters, on our sidewalks and more. Around the world cigarette litter is proving to be one of the biggest litter problems that communities face.

RoncyWorks and the Roncesvalles Village BIA are piloting a public ashcan program. In many locations on Roncesvalles Avenue you can find these ashcans, provided at no cost by Keep America Beautiful. Please make good use of them, as well as the ashtrays that you will find on every public garbage can. Get your butts in there, and help to keep Roncesvalles Village beautiful.

The Roncesvalles Village BIA thanks the entire RoncyWorks team, with special thanks to project leader Veronica Feihl, Bronwen Evans from Keep America Beautiful, and Philip Homerski from Keep Hamilton Green and Green.

Gol! Where to Catch World Cup Action on Roncesvalles

2014fifaRoncesvalles Village has always had a good crop of sports bars, but during the World Cup a few more options become available as our neighbourhood goes mad for footie!

A great option, and well known for soccer fanatics, is the Dizzy at 305 Roncesvalles. They are renowned for their early morning broadcasts of European football matches and their superior food, and routinely make it onto top ten lists for sports pubs in Toronto. Loons at 416 Roncy is another popular spot, especially considering their new TVs and their huge, inviting patio.

The Roncy Public at 390 Roncesvalles is a good choice for something a little more upscale. Well-appointed with great TVs and food and drink options that are a notch above average make this a nice spot to catch a game.

During the 2012 Euro Cup Chopin Restaurant at 165 Roncesvalles was a very popular spot for anyone wanting to catch Team Poland (or anyone else), and Gabby’s, just down the street, is also a favourite sports hangout.

There are a couple of spots on Roncy that you might not think of when thinking about watching a World Cup game, but Roncy’s Bean at 385 Roncesvalles is a good choice if you’re a soccer fan who isn’t interested in quaffing a pint. And while the Local at 396 Roncesvalles is best-known for their great live music and local craft brews, they will have two big projectors showing every World Cup game!

Roncy Rocks! June 14

RoncyRocks2014-logo-no-date784x394On Saturday June 14 Roncesvalles Village will come alive with music and art for the fifth annual Roncy Rocks!

Featuring the best local artists and musicians as well as an all-day sidewalk sale, Roncy Rocks promises to be a rockin’ good day of music and art in Roncesvalles Village!

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