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Dundas Roncesvalles Peace Garden Celebrates International Downtown Award

On Friday, May 17th, the Roncesvalles Village BIA and the Friends of Dundas Roncesvalles Peace Garden celebrated an Award of Excellence for Public Space Improvements received from the International Downtown Association (IDA) for the Dundas Roncesvalles Peace  Garden (DRPG) . This Award is particularly significant because the IDA values collaboration. In its realization, this project galvanized the support of many community groups, the Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation,  artists from both communities, and the City of Toronto. The project features heritage recognition, green street gardening,, community welcoming, pollinator habitat development, and acts as a living dedication of renewed relations between our community and Toronto’s indigenous people.

The IDA is a world leader in taking up the challenge of revitalizing downtowns around the world, from the USA, Canada, Europe and further around the globe, by encouraging best practices, and broad-based learning. It recognizes that innovative and effective renewals absolutely need cooperation between multiple interests, to promote good works. This was the only project given an Award of Excellence for improvements to public space, from the IDA in Canada for 2018. A copy of the plaque for the IDA Award was conferred upon the City.

PLANT Architect, and, the group of officials who helped bring the project to life attended, and were thanked for working so well with our community.

Part of the outdoor ceremony involved sharing with a representative of the Mississaugas of the Credit, with whom we exchanged sacred tobacco seeds, and planted sage — this year’s featured indigenous plant at the Peace Garden.

In our neighbourhood, the search to better understand our living history of Indigenous habitation, loss, and dispossession, starts with the Dundas Roncesvalles Peace Garden. This Peace Garden is dedicated to seeking better relationships between our peoples, and with the land, which desperately need healing.  Our intentions are embedded in this little plot of living green, restful, revitalized public space.

A class of grade 7 students who participated in our annual Tulips for Peace program, attended to see the beauty of the tulips they planted last fall.

South End Reconstruction on Roncesvalles: POSTPONED


Please take note that the South End Construction and the work to adjust the TTC ramps that was scheduled to start March 31st, has been postponed until 2020.

The email from Councillor Gord Perks below provides the details on this decision.


I just received the latest update on King- Queensway-Queen-Roncesvalles Project from Chief Engineer, Michael D’Andrea. Please find his email below:

As you know, in early February, the City issued the tender for the planned project at the intersection at King / The Queensway / Queen / Roncesvalles. This project included: sewer and watermain replacement, replacing the entire TTC overhead and track infrastructure within the intersection and west along The Queensway, Streetscaping, road and intersection works along the Queensway, rehabilitating the bridge over Parkside Drive, removing the right-turn channel at Queensway and King Street and overall intersection / road improvements within the area. Based on feedback received to date from contractors considering the tender, there are areas of construction and design that require additional review and clarity to ensure the construction delivery schedule and budget can be upheld and delivered according to plan.

As a result, the City of Toronto is rescheduling the delivery of this project to 2020.

Efforts are underway between several City Divisions and TTC to firm up the design, schedule, and tender and reporting to the Infrastructure & Environment Committee. We expect to provide additional information to all stakeholders involved (Parkdale BIA / Roncesvalles BIA / St. Joseph’s Health Centre) in April – with more details to follow for the residents in the area at a later date.

We understand that the wait and anticipation for this construction has been a long time coming; however, the City and TTC wanted to ensure that the planned construction will be delivered according to the plan, schedule and budget that works to mitigate traffic and TTC service impacts as much as possible. We look forward to meeting with you and stakeholders soon, to further discuss these measures.

I will continue to provide you with information and updates as they are received.

Thank you for your patience while city staff do the necessary background work to ensure the intersection work is done on time and within budget.


Councillor Gord Perks

The Roncesvalles BIA will continue to update BIA Members and the community as we get the information

The TTC will be reconstructing the intersection at King / Queen / Roncesvalles / Queensway (KQRQ) this year. The construction will take place in three phases as outlined below. This is a joint project by the TTC, Toronto’s Transportation Services and Water Division.

Map showing location of construction planned for 2019 on and near the intersection or Roncesvalles Ave., Queen Street West, King Street West and The Queensway.

Overall Scope of work – Starting in April 2019

  • As part of the state of good repair work, the aging sewer and track around the intersection needs to be replaced
  • Relocating the eastbound centre platform streetcar stop to the far side of the intersection
  • Realigning the King Street West leg to create a better intersection angle and increase green space
  • Modifying / constructing street car platforms at Glendale Avenue
  • Continue the bump-out treatment on Roncesvalles at this intersection

As part of the Sunnyside Community Association area traffic study that was completed in 2008, the city will also be:

  • Modifying the signal at Glendale Avenue and Queensway
  • Adding dedicated eastbound – left – turn lanes at Sunnyside Avenue, Glendale Avenue, and The Queensway
  • Signalizing intersection at Sunnyside and The Queensway
  • Modifying the streetcar track vertical alignment (slope at Claude Avenue that will visually and physically enhance the existing right-in / right-out at Claude Avenue)

At the same time that the road is closed, the TTC will be modifying Roncesvalles Ave with small adjustments to the Bump Outs and Streetcar Platforms from Marion St. to Boustead Ave. so they are in compliance with AODA legislation and support smooth operation of the ramps on streetcars. March 31st to August 4, 2019.

Time Line

This work will take place in three main stages.

  • Stage 1: Roncesvalles (from Harvard to The Queensway / Queen Street West)
    • March 31st, 2019 to August 4, 2019
  • Stage 2: Queen Street West and The Queensway (Sunnyside to Triller)
    • August 4, 2019 to Winter 2020
  • Stage 3: The Queensway (Parkside to Sunnyside)
    • April 2019 to October 2019

Road Closures

  • Roncesvalles will be closed to Thru-Traffic (not local traffic) March 31 to August 4 2019
    • Grafton Ave Closed (Traffic must circulate using Laneway to Harvard Avenue
    • Access to Queen Street Laneway Closed
    • 1 Lane to remain open on Harvard Avenue at all times
    • Bump-out retrofit to coincided during this time
  • South Side of the Queensway (Parkside Bridge to Sunnyside) April 10 to August 4 2019
    • Access to Toronto Pump Station required at all times
    • Southside Parkside Bridge to coincide during this stage
    • Cross Over required at Colborne Lodge
  • Full King – Queen – The Queensway – Roncesvalles intersection closure August 4 to October 7 2019
    • Queensway to be local access only to Glendale
    • Intersection opens October 8 (All legs of the intersection open, reduced lanes East and West)

This project has been anticipated since the reconstruction of the top end of Roncesvalles that was completed in 2011. It will improve public transportation and realm, pedestrian environment, and traffic circulation in this area. The Roncesvalles Village BIA and Parkdale Village BIA will be working together to mitigate the impact of the construction on our businesses and their customers.

More details on each phase of construction will be provided as we approach the specific dates. There will also be a link for this project on Councillor Gord Perk’s and the City’s websites.

If you have any questions about this project, please contact Councillor Gord Perks’ Office 
Ward 4 Parkdale – High Park at 416-392-7919, or by fax at 416-392-0398.
twitter: @gordperks  Facebook: @GordPerks

RVBIA Summer Intern – Events, Marketing and Communications Assistant

We are looking for a summer intern to assist the Roncesvalles Village BIA with its Special Events, Marketing and Communications . The candidate must be a student at a College or University who will be resuming their studies in the fall. Preference will be given to students pursuing the fields of Marketing, Communications and or Special Events. This is a paid position at 30 hours per week for 14 or 15 weeks starting May 14, 2018. The application deadline is May 7, 2018 at noon.

Position Summary:

The Roncesvalles Village Business Improvement Association (RVBIA) is looking to hire a summer intern to assist with tasks related to special events for the RVBIA. This includes sponsored events like our Mural Project, Roncy Rocks, Roncesvalles Polish Festival, and non-sponsored events like preparations for our Annual General Meeting and our Holiday Marketing Event. The intern will also be involved in supporting related marketing, media and member communications

With your help, the association will be able to extend its ability to communicate to the association’s business members, the community, its festival stakeholders, fans and would-be festival goers in support of two special events. You will help us build on the neighbourhood’s tradition of being an outstanding place to live, work, play and thrive. Each year, the RVBIA hosts the Roncesvalles Polish Festival that draws 300,000 to 400,000 visitors and Roncy Rocks a much smaller festival, which celebrates local music, arts, business and community spirit.


  • Assist the Event Coordinator with digital media including drafts posts for publication on BIA & related festival websites & social media, take photographs, and draft or publish Member email updates in regards to the festivals.
  • Alongside the Event Coordinator, assist with development of promotional and media materials re: event programming for seniors, children, youth and families, local musicians and artists which includes individuals from Indigenous and visible minority heritage. Candidate may communicate directly with the designer, collect files and distribute logos and other graphics needed.
  • Administrative tasks as needed: maintaining contact lists, responding to public inquiries about the festivals, such as programming, transit, accessibility to venues, washrooms, information, volunteerism and assistance, including health and safety concerns and responding to standard BIA-Member and vendor inquiries regarding the festival
  • Researches suppliers and is able to obtain competitive quotes.
  • Attend committee meetings related to event planning and project management, contribute ideas and suggestions
  • Support the Event Coordinator with vendor and artisan coordination including contracts and site plans
  • Assists in coordinating, orienting and managing volunteers involved in special events, surveys and other success measurement activities.


  • Pursuing post-secondary studies in Marketing, Event Management or Urban and Regional Planning
  • Ability to work independently on assigned tasks, self-motivate, use collaboration tools and problem solve
  • Ability to manage time and priorities
  • Excellent verbal and written communications skills paired with online publishing and social media savvy
  • Design and photography skills and training is an asset

Structure & Compensation

This is a summer internship position at 30 hours per week for 14 or 15 weeks, starting on May 14, 2018.

To Apply

Send your resume and cover letter to the RVBIA Manager at  In your cover letter, please state in your last paragraph, the mode of transportation you would generally use to get to Roncesvalles Avenue and Marion Street and the time it would take you to get there from your home during morning rush hour. The application deadline is Monday, May 7, 2018 by noon. Applications received after that time will not be considered. Short listed applicants will be interviewed on Wednesday, May 9th.  Start Date: May 14, 2018.

Roncesvalles Village Business Improvement Area (BIA)

Roncesvalles Village BIA (RVBIA) works with the City of Toronto to create a thriving and safe business area. It oversees streetscape improvements and special events to increase business, employment, shopping, tourism, volunteers and sustainable city living.

The RVBIA is an association of business owners along Roncesvalles Avenue, run by a volunteer Board of Management, one manager and a coordinator with the help of community and student volunteers. The RVBIA acts on the priorities and values of its business members to ensure a thriving main street to serve and delight the local community and visitors. We are looking for an enthusiastic student – passionate about special events and communications – to work with our team in the Roncesvalles Village neighbourhood and assist with our local festivals.

Working with a successful BIA can supply the chosen candidate with invaluable experience.  Through learning the day-to-day workings of a professional association and the culture of an effective workplace, the candidate will be well positioned for their professional future.

Short-listed applicants will be interviewed on Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Start Date: Monday May 14, 2018

Download PDF of this job posting [226KB] Get Adobe Reader 


Job Posting: RVBIA Coordinator

The Roncesvalles Village Business Improvement Association (RVBIA) is looking to hire a part-time coordinator to ensure the successful execution of sponsored events for the RVBIA (Roncy Rocks, Roncesvalles Polish Festival, other), related marketing communications, and the smooth running of the RVBIA, in conjunction with the Manager.

Role Overview

Special Events

  • Project coordination for Roncy Rocks, the Annual General Meeting and other marketing events (e.g. Holiday marketing event) and assisting with the Roncesvalles Polish Festival:
    • Planning and meeting coordination including minutes and follow-up
    • Event operations, member and vendor requirements, invoicing, vendor solicitation and collection assistance
    •  Volunteer recruitment and coordination
    • Event success measurements, report drafting and development
    •  Assist in budget development and tracking using spreadsheets and Profit & Loss reports
    • Procuring and maintaining event assets

Marketing and Communications

  • Website maintenance and digital asset management
  • Social media communications and analysis/metrics (day to day RVBIA & events)
  • Manage public inquiries to the RVBIA and assist with communications for Roncy Rocks and other events
  • Assist with Marketing and Promotions Plan development and member communications
  • Assist in fostering good relations with event sponsors, suppliers and community partners.

RVBIA Administrative Support

  • Update Member List and Business Directory
  • Maintain RVBIA storage and asset inventories including supplies, document archives, and infrastructure
  • Coordinate Volunteer outreach and intake
  • Assist in maintaining reference documentation for volunteers, staff and RVBIA Members.


  • Post-Secondary Education in Project Management, Marketing, Event Management or similar
  • Significant experience in planning and coordinating events, projects, and budgets
  • Ability to work independently, self-motivate, use collaboration tools and problem solve
  • Ability to manage competing priorities and agendas
  •  Excellent verbal and written communications skills paired with online publishing and social media savvy

Structure & Compensation

This is a part time position averaging 26 hours per week moving from fewer hours in off season months to full time leading up to and during event execution.  The annual compensation for this role is budgeted at $24,700 plus 4% vacation pay and other benefits. This position is slated to become a full-time position in 2019 with pay adjustment.

To Apply

Send your resume and cover letter to the RVBIA Manager at  In your cover letter, please state in your last paragraph, the mode of transportation you would generally use to get to Queen St. W and Roncesvalles Avenue and the time it would take you to get there from your home during morning rush hour. The application deadline is Wednesday, April 18, 2018 by 5:00 p.m. Applications received after that time will not be considered. Short listed applicants will be interviewed on Monday, April 23rd.  Start Date: June 1, 2018.

Short-listed applicants will be interviewed on Monday, April 23, 2018

Start Date: Friday, June 1, 2018

Download PDF of this job posting [243KB] Get Adobe Reader