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Roncy Reduces

Roncy Reduces is a community waste reduction initiative in the Roncesvalles area that was launched by 20 local parents at the beginning of this year. Their goal is to reduce single-use plastics and packaging in our neighbourhood by encouraging both consumers and businesses to practice waste reduction together.

They have invited neighbourhood businesses to participate by displaying their Roncy Reduces/BYO sticker at the door and in this way identify their business as accepting customers’ reusable containers, cups and bags etc. whenever possible.

Apart from grocery stores, restaurants, coffee shops and takeout places, they also ask shops that sell ‘zero waste tools’ to participate (produce bags, reusable cups etc.)

The group has been visiting Roncesvalles businesses for a couple of months and have already placed over 40 stickers and counting.

In return for joining up, they promote participating businesses on their Roncy Reduces social media platforms and at their two World Environment Day events that will run at the Revue Cinema on June 5th. “At these events we hope to bring Roncesvalles residents and visitors together to learn about the issues of waste and single-use plastics and offer ideas on how to reduce our impact on the environment, says Tina Soldovieri, creator of the group. “And they will be a venue for us to promote the local businesses that are helping our neighbourhood reduce waste.”

The event will include a film screening of The Clean Bin Project, a guest speaker (Charlotte Ueta from the Toronto Long Term Waste Management Strategy and Circular Economy Lab), Q&A, information from Roncy Reduces and a slide show promoting local businesses who are part of the Roncy Reduces effort. Trailer and website.

A second event will be geared towards school children. Neighbourhood schools will be invited to participate in a poster contest and learn about waste reduction at our Revue Cinema school event.

Sponsored by Meridian, Roncesvalles Village BIA, Shop1km, Etee

Tickets (10$) at Eventbrite:

You can email Roncy Reduces at or find us on Facebook and Instagram pages @roncyreduces.

Roncesvalles resident trying to make “a good deal for nature” by cutting plastic waste, appeared on CBC on March 21st.

Local Peace Ribbon campaign ripples through Roncy

White ribbon tied to around a street tree displaying the words "Love" and "Diversity."Neighbours of a local mosque in Roncesvalles Village had already started working on a plan to express their support for the congregants at a time when Muslim communities have increasingly been experiencing  racism in countries around the world. After this week’s attack on a Mosque in Quebec City the group went into immediate action tying white ribbons around local posts expressing “All Faiths Welcome.”

“We want those coming to worship to feel safe in our community,” explains Jessica Olivier, who lives near the Mosque. “We need an antidote to those who are driven by their fears and hatreds. Canada is a country where we embrace diversity. The isolated acts of a few can’t be allowed to overshadow the sentiments of the many.”

This action echoed the thoughts of many in Roncesvalles Village who wanted to counteract increasing acts of racism. The Roncesvalles Village BIA quickly moved to support this campaign by tying ribbons to the trees lining Roncesvalles Avenue. The ribbons express sentiments of Peace, Hope, Love and support for diversity. “Our community – both residents and businesses — have been very welcoming of Syrian and other refugees. We want to express our empathy and support for both new and established Muslims who live here or who come here to pray,” says Roncesvalles Village BIA Chair, Len McAuley. “There comes a time when you have to be more vocal about what we stand for.”

The effort is very grass roots. It’s a DIY campaign. There is no place to order or purchase ribbons. If you support it, you can simply find your own white ribbon and your own words to express your support. Some supporters are making infinity loops from thin white ribbon and are pinning them to their coats or lapels as part of their personal show of solidarity for the sentiments expressed.

Global News covered this story on January 31, 2017, ‘All faiths welcome’: West-end Toronto community ties white ribbons in solidarity with local mosque

Roncesvalles Wins CBC Song Quest!

We’re delighted to announce that Roncesvalles surged ahead of all competitors in the Ontario section of CBC’s Song Quest to win. Thanks to everyone who voted, and thanks especially to Roncy businesses who got the word out!

As Rachel at Hawk Eyes said: “Roncy needs the love.”

We’re looking forward to hearing what Jully Black will create about our great street.

Read All About It! Roncesvalles Gets Noticed In Toronto Life

We were very pleased to see that twenty-five of our businesses were lauded in an excellent and glowing online article in Toronto Life.

In appreciation of this, RVBIA Chair Tony Cauch wrote the following letter to the editor:

To the editor:

Thanks for today’s great online feature on Roncesvalles Village (The Roncesvalles Guide, April 22, 2010). We appreciate your recognition of the wonderful businesses in our neighbourhood!

As I’m sure you’re aware, Roncesvalles Avenue is in the midst of a long-planned rejuvenation of our streetscape. We are excited by the expanded sidewalks and other improvements that will soon be built, and the many healthy trees that will grace our street in 2011, planted at grade along our sidewalks, which will create a beautiful tree canopy that will last for generations.

With the worst stage of construction behind us, I wanted to assure you that Roncesvalles Village is a welcoming place and that visitors will have a great time in our neighbourhood. I invite you and all your readers to visit Roncesvalles Village and take advantage of the three hours of free on-street parking in effect until late 2010!

With three hours to linger on Roncesvalles, you could take the opportunity to visit those businesses that were featured in your article as well as the many other terrific cafés, restaurants and shops that make Roncesvalles Village a place I’m very happy and proud to call my home.

Yours truly,

Tony Cauch

Chair, Roncesvalles Village BIA

Poles Stand Out – Quietly

Local man’s book pays tribute to those who made a difference in the New World


(Excerpted from Toronto Sun article by Mike Strobel.)

We’ve sort of forgotten about the Poles.

And I don’t mean the ones at Filmore’s and the Brass Rail.

I mean the 300,000 of Polish descent who inhabit the GTA, no fuss, no muss.

Other immigrants grab all the attention.

Tamils, Tibetans, Somalis, Filipinos, Russians, Iranians, Serbs, Indians, Pakistanis. You can’t miss ’em.

The Irish raise the roof on St. Patrick’s Day. The Italians mob College St. when the Azzurri win. The Jamaicans rule during Caribana.

Meanwhile, the Poles quietly and diligently go about their business on Roncesvalles Ave. or in Mississauga.

(To read the full article, click here.)