RVBIA Committees

You don’t have to be on the board to serve on a committee. You don’t even have to be a BIA member! We invite BIA members and interested community members to get involved.

Finance Committee

This committee is chaired by the Treasurer of the RVBIA (Brian Teeney). Its primary responsibilities are managing the BIA’s accounts and developing the BIA’s annual budget.

Marketing and Promotions Committee

This is the largest and most active committee of the Roncesvalles Village BIA. The Marketing and Promotions Committee was chaired for many years by Andrew Chomentowski. Under his leadership the BIA created several enduring events, including Roncy Rocks! and the Roncesvalles Polish Festival.

As of 2013 the Marketing and Promotions Committee is chaired by Marcy Verburg of Snap Fitness and has a diverse and dynamic membership. Look for exciting new initiatives coming from the Marketing and Promotions Committee in the coming months.

Beautification Committee

The Beautification Committee is responsible for graffiti removal, flower planting, mural creation and general street beautification on Roncesvalles Avenue.

Under then-committee chair John Bowker this committee worked with the City of Toronto, local residents’ associations and interested community members to create Roncesvalles Renewed, a community-led initiative to beautify Roncesvalles Avenue. This led to the creation of 23 street gardens, an expanded pedestrian realm and dozens of trees to our street.

Our community is blessed to have RoncyWorks, a dedicated group of volunteers, to plan and plant our street gardens and help keep Roncesvalles Avenue beautiful. Cigarette litter has been identified as one of the biggest cleanliness problems on Roncesvalles Avenue, and indeed, aroung the world. In response, this year the BIA and RoncyWorks, with funding and support from Keep America Beautiful, installed approximately thirty public ash cans up and down Roncesvalles. These have significantly reduced the amount of cigarette litter on our street.

Other innovative programs of the Beautification Committee include the Top to Bottom Mural Project, which addresses graffiti on second and third storey walls of member properties, and the Dundas Roncesvalles Peace Garden, a gateway feature at the north end of Roncesvalles Avenue spearheaded by local resident Abby Bushby.

Properties and Maintenance Committee

This committee manages BIA-owned moveable assets, such as tents and other event hardware as well as pedestrian lights and other fixed assets on the street.