Roncesvalles Renewed launches new website

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Roncesvalles Renewed

Roncesvalles Renewed is a joint partnership of the BIA, the Roncesvalles-Macdonell Residents’ Association, the High Park Residents’ Association, the Sunnyside Community Association and other community groups. It was formed in order to assist and advise the City and the TTC as they prepare their plans for a major reconstruction of Roncesvalles to take place in 2009. Roncesvalles Renewed also includes local, volunteer professionals with a background in architecture, design and urban planning, who have helped us to understand and respond to many of the technical issues that have been raised during the process. By presenting a unified community voice, Roncesvalles Renewed has succeeded in bringing City staff and the TTC to the table to discuss an enhanced streetscape project.

Roncesvalles Renewed recently launched a new website to serve as an information clearing house and a community forum for discussing the 2009 reconstruction project. It includes a very useful Frequently Asked Questions page, and well as a discussion board where community members can share their views on the reconstruction. Registration is required to participate in the discussions.

Special thanks to local dynamos Mary Wiens,  Martha Goodings, Veronica Feihl, Ryan Shaw, Jaimie Pomfret, Gavin Lucas and Bernard Hellen for their assistance in creating this important community resource.

2 Comments on “Roncesvalles Renewed launches new website”

  1. it’s true roncee needs an LCBO as the closest one is on Queen st w & Brock. Way too far if they want the people to keep in touch with roncee why not have one as the people say on Howard park Or if a store is available in the Zellers, Loblaws lot. Plenty of parking there!

    I moved about 1 1/2 hrs from toronto & I visit all the time on roncee but no LCBO.

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