Construction Update, November 20

Here is the latest update on construction on Roncesvalles.


In the south end, sewer service connections have begun from Pearson to Galley. Next week sewer service connections may begin on the Marion to Pearson block. We will try to keep everyone informed when work is happening on your block.

Hopefully the new water main will pass testing in the next day or so. Should that happen, the contractor will stop sewer connections and put two crews on water service connections, focussing on those buildings who are currently on the water bypass, primarily on the west side of the street. The contractor wants to get all properties currently on the water bypass connected to the new water main before the weather gets too cold.

The two water service crews will work in separate areas of the street. One will start at Fermanagh and move south, the other will start at the south and move north. Each crew will occupy part of one block. This work moves fairly quickly.

After this, water and sewer service connections will continue until all the work is done.

Fermanagh Avenue will be closed at Roncesvalles and will be two-way from Sorauren to Roncesvalles for about the next two weeks. This is the only remaining road closure in the south end.


The sewer main line in the north end is nearly complete. A few short sections north of Howard Park are all that remain to be done.

Once the main line is complete, Roncesvalles will be paved from Grenadier right up to Boustead. Paving is expected to be done towards the end of next week (expected complete before November 28.)

The pedestrian crossing at Marmaduke will be opened as soon as the road is paved (expected by November 30.) The intersection will remain closed to traffic for several more weeks, however.

All the fencing that has run down the west side of Roncesvalles between Marmaduke and Howard Park Avenue will be removed in the next few days.

There are still side street sewer connections to be done at Grenadier, Neepawa, Marmaduke, Howard Park Avenue, Ritchie, Hewitt and Boustead. Each of these will take about two or three days.

Water main installation is continuing between Hewitt and Boustead and is expected to be complete within a week.

Starting in about a week they will begin installing water main between Marmaduke and Howard Park Avenue. This will take roughly a week to ten days.

The final bit of new water main will be tunneled under Howard Park Avenue, which will take about another week.


A few people have asked me about this:

A number of properties on the street have “Y” sewer connections that are shared with adjoining buildings. Wherever possible, these will be separated so that each building will have its own sewer connection.


In the south end, no work will be done between Christmas and the new year. In the north end, the contractor will continue to work through Boxing Week. However, this work will be on a much smaller scale that we’ve endured to date (small crews doing water and sewer service connections.) We expect parking and traffic patterns to be similar to what we have on much of the street right now (northbound bus, some parking restrictions immediately surrounding work


While both contractors are on target for completion in January, it is likely that work in the south end will be complete a few weeks before work in the north end. If this happens, we will have two-way traffic on Roncesvalles from Queen to Fermanagh while work continues in the north end.

Two way traffic (and transit) will be restored to all of Roncesvalles as soon as all the work is completed.