Construction Update

Here’s the latest update on the construction for Roncesvalles Avenue.

In the south end, hydrant connections are nearing completion. Sewer service connections are underway.

Wright Avenue is now open.

In the north end, the intersection of Marmaduke and Roncesvalles is expected to be closed to traffic for about another month. The pedestrian crossing at Marmaduke will open in about two weeks.

(We have been asking for this important crossing to open, and the contractor is opening it as soon as it can be done safely.)

Sewer main installation from Marmaduke to Howard Park Avenue is nearly complete, and the tunneling underneath Howard Park for sewer main is about halfway done and will be finished in about a week.

There are still side street sewer connections to be completed at Marmaduke, Neepawa, Ritchie, Hewitt and Boustead. Each of these takes several days, but when complete this will be the end of sewer installation on Roncesvalles.

Water main installation is proceeding well on the block from Howard Park to Hewitt. After this is complete, they will install water main from Hewitt to Boustead, and then from Marmaduke to Howard Park Avenue. This will be the end of water main installation on Roncesvalles.

In about ten days paving will begin in the north end from Grenadier to Boustead, and then our street will be completely paved from bottom to top.

Over the next weeks, you can expect work areas several blocks long in the north and south ends to be one lane northbound with no parking while the contractor does individual water and sewer service connections. This is reasonably quick (a week to ten days per block) and will move around as the work is being completed. You can expect crews to be working on your block several times through this period.

Right now the water main in the south end is being disinfected and tested for water quality. As soon as it passes inspection (hopefully within a week), water service connections will get underway.

In the north end, service connections should start in about two weeks (hydrant connections and some sewer service connections have already started.)

The contractors are still on track for completion in January 2010.

Please feel free to get in touch with me any time.

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2 thoughts on “Construction Update

  1. mark mccormick

    great info, thank you. i had a question regarding the completion date of Janury 2010: does this include the replacement of the TTC tracks or is the city going to leave Roncesvalles paved?

    thank you.


  2. Keith Denning, Coordinator, RVBIA

    Hi Mark:

    Roncesvalles will be left paved for the winter, and in spring work returns to Roncesvalles as the tracks, sidewalks and road are rebuilt. So Roncesvalles has one more season of construction to endure.

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