Reconstruction update: limited parking and traffic movement restored

After meeting with the BIA, the City and reconstruction crews have agreed to restore limited parking and car traffic movement to Roncesvalles during water/sewer replacements, scheduled to continue until the end of the year. This is very good news for Roncesvalles, which had previously been told there would be no parking at all on Roncesvalles during the reconstruction.

Although southbound Roncesvalles will be closed to through traffic from Dundas, the street will remain accessible from side streets except when construction is directly in front. Parking will be available outside the construction zones and will rotate as they move north. The crews are seeking ways to minimize worksite area and storage requirements, to permit additional parking and movement.

The crews have agreed to set up two delivery zones by the construction sites. These zones will move as construction proceeds north.

Site meetings will happen weekly to discuss issues and schedule, and contact personnel will be available on site.

The BIA thanks the City and construction crews for their creativity and cooperation in seeking ways to minimize the disruption to businesses and residents during the reconstruction.

2 thoughts on “Reconstruction update: limited parking and traffic movement restored

  1. Sandor Lokos

    I have had discussions with both the project manager for Comer Construction, Joe Bellissimo and Daphne Wee the Project Engineer for the city. They have given me the following information;

    The contract was awarded with only one stipulation regarding traffic and parking, that was the north bound lane be kept open at all times.

    They are not contractually obligated to move the construction up Roncesvalles in phases are was indicated in our BIA Construction Meeting Thursday, July 19/09.

    After the initial start up time, approximately 3 weeks, the entire length of Roncesvalles will be closed on the south bound lanes.

    They will not be moving the construction up Roncesvalles in phases giving back completed blocks before moving north.

    We need everyone to contact Gord Perks to voice our concerns in person. Call and email now.

  2. Tracy Brett

    I’ve had it. Last night, at 4 am, we had yet another major gas leak. We’re above Butler’s, next door to Aris Place. Turns out a “piece of rubble fell on the gas line” in the trench outside. Where have I heard that before? Why can’t the crew take more care to protect the gas lines? This has to be the fifth incident like this that I know of, only this one cost me a night’s sleep and a day’s work! And why on earth did they replace the mains and sewers and then repave the street, only to dig it up in various spots weeks later to replace the connections to the individual buildings? Why, as Sandor noted above, did they not plan to move the construction up in phases, so as to complete their work before moving north? This is beyond shabby workmanship!

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