Roncesvalles Construction Update

UPDATE August 21: The reconstruction of Roncesvalles is well under way. There is one through lane northbound on Roncesvalles, with limited local southbound traffic.

Please obey signage for safety. We have reports of some near-accidents and dangerous behaviour in the construction zones. Cyclists and pedestrians, please avoid the construction zones!

Contractors are now using chalk while drilling or breaking concrete to cut down on dust.

The west-side intersection of Pearson and Roncesvalles will open today or tomorrow. Pearson west of Roncesvalles is temporarily two-way traffic.

The west-side intersection of Galley and Roncesvalles is closed, but is expected to open approximately August 27. Galley west of Roncesvalles is temporarily two-way traffic.

The west-side intersection of Garden and Roncesvalles is closed for about two weeks while water and sewer work is being done there. Garden west of Roncesvalles is temporarily two-way traffic.

The west-side intersection of Fern and Roncesvalles will be closed starting about August 27.

The west-side intersection of Geoffrey and Roncesvalles is closed for several days. Geoffrey west of Roncesvalles is temporarily two-way traffic.

The east-side intersection of Grenadier and Roncesvalles is closed for several days. This should open up by August 23.

The west-side intersection of Grenadier and Roncesvalles will close about August 27. Grenadier west of Roncesvalles will be temporarily two-way traffic.

Sidewalk closures: The west-side sidewalk on Roncesvalles is closed between Fermanagh and Geoffrey, and also closed between Galley and Fern. There will be west-side sidewalk closures between Constance and Marmaduke when water main installation begins in the next day or two.

Parking is permitted outside the construction zones and on side streets; you can usually park within a block or two of your favourite shop! Put your money where your house is, and keep shopping on Roncesvalles.

Delivery zones are coned areas of the street, usually to the north of active construction.

Water main work will be continuing between Galley and Fern.

Please note that the Roncesvalles Polish Festival will be going ahead on September 19 and 20. The contractors will remove equipment from the street, clean up and pave what they can. We will have a very walkable and danceable street for the festival.

TTC Service Changes: The 504 King streetcar will turn back east at the Roncesvalles TTC yard during the reconstruction (until Fall 2010). Roncesvalles service to Queen Street and from the Dundas West subway will be replaced with shuttle buses travelling south along Lansdowne and then north up Roncesvalles. More details at Transit Toronto and the TTC’s 504 King service advisory webpage.

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14 thoughts on “Roncesvalles Construction Update

  1. suka day

    So we will not have any streetcar service along Roncesvalles until at least january?! Wow. That is a long time. I am very surprised they are not having the option of a bus along sorauran as this is a terrible inconvenience for so many people. There is already a bus along Landsdowne – this will not help many of us.

  2. W. K. Lis

    1948, , there was a coach/bus along Indian Road. It looped at Jane, Annette, Evans, and Ardagh and ran along Glenwood, Glendonwyne, High Park Avenue, Bloor, and Indian Road to Lake Shore Blvd. on its way to downtown. Anyways, buses were able to use a narrow Indian Road because in 1948 there weren’t so many automobiles parking on the side streets like Indian Road, Sunnyside Avenue, or Sorauran. Today, they can’t. Too many automobiles parking on the streets to obstruct the buses. They need wider streets like Lansdowne because of the parked cars.

  3. ben

    Personally, the buses are a much quiter solution for all those

    folks who actually live on the street

    I hope the buses replace the streetcars forever, or atleast until

    Quieter streetcars come about

  4. Chris.

    Do you know when they plan to complete work on Roncesvalles? I presume it will be done in phases (water mains, streetcar tracks, bumpouts, etc.). Is there a schedule which details when each phase would be completed?

    Thanks, and keep up the good work!! This website is extremely helpful for keeping track of all significant activities going on in our lovely neighbourhood and I heartily commend you for it.


  5. Keith Denning, Coordinator, RVBIA

    Hi everyone:

    First, @ Chris, thanks for the kudos. We’re actually in the process of developing this website to make it serve the neighbourhood even better.

    The general plan for the street: the current work should end around Christmas, with new (and better) track being laid from spring until fall 2010.

    There will be no construction (or traffic restrictions) from roughly end of December 2009 to mid-April 2010.


    Keith Denning,

    Coordinator, RVBIA

  6. MDH

    Thanks for this site and I didn’t even know about it having lived in the area for almost 10 years. Shout out to Vincent Sushi for putting the link on their homepage!

  7. Lisa

    I respectfully disagree with the earlier comment that the buses are quieter than the streetcars: while kneeling buses are much more convenient than the old style of bus, the amount of noise made to get in and out of the kneeling position is extremely loud and penetrating, especially the high-pitched beeping. The engines on these buses are quite noisy too. I live in very close proximity to two stops (an original and a temporary) and now truly appreciate the almost rhythmic trundling of the streetcars!

    Thanks to this website for keeping us updated on the progress of the construction; it really helps to have some idea of what’s going on and what to expect.

  8. Marie-Antoinette

    1. We’ve had an awful summer; too much rain & not enough sunshine. Now we have construction on Roncesvalles…..a necessary evil. We’ll soon be the envy of other neighbourhoods! I can’t wait infact! In the meantime I’ve noticed people are stopping to watch & talk more often. Children are mesmerized by what they see. Good old Roncy has become every little boy’s dream! It’s all good in the end.

    2. I also noticed however that restaurants & coffee shops aren’t as full due to lack of traffic, how about inviting these businesses to offer a “construction special?” Let’s keep the community vib popping. If life gives you lemons, produce the best lemonade.

    3. Just curious: is anybody officially documenting this on video for the archives?

    Go Roncy go! Make us us proud girl

  9. gt40mk2

    This is great – thanks – but I really don’t see the point of these updates if they’re not done daily. You never know which intersections you can get across until you get there, and it would be great to be able to check first.

  10. May

    Where does this new bus route go? I noticed it ran between Lansdowne and Jane. I had to go to the Roncesvalles vet and I had to take a taxi down. Is it going to be like St Clair Ave West, with one lane for parking, one for cars and one for the dedicated streetcar lane. There are a lot of complaints(including from ambulances concerned about safety there). 504 is very slow and I try not to take streetcars, and would rather walk. I walked down Roncesvalles and sometimes took taxis when my father was in St Joseph’s for 3 months about 8 years ago. Of course the St Clair dedicated line only saves 3 minutes across from Yonge to Keele since the TTC decided to use fewer vehicles. Hope they learned from that experience.

  11. Keith Denning, Coordinator, RVBIA

    @ May:

    The bus route goes in a loop from Dundas West Station, down Dundas and Lansdowne, across Queen, and up Roncesvalles.

    Roncesvalles is going to be nothing like St. Clair. No dedicated streetcar lane; it will be level with the road and shared with traffic.

  12. Laurie

    I truly understand that this construction project is very necessary and long overdue. Due to living right on Roncesvalles, I really wish the crew would stick to the schedule, timing wise.

    According to the notice that I received months ago.. “Work will run from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm, Monday to Friday, and from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm on Saturday, as well as occasional work at night until the project is completed.”

    So far, and it’s only been a month, they’ve started working at 7am on Saturdays for the past two (they work as I type and it’s 8am). And there have been couple of really late nights as well. One starting around 12:30am on a weeknight.

    Again, I do understand the need for this major project to be completed, I’ve lived here my whole life and realize the importance of this project, but it’s an incredible inconvenience to people who live on Roncesvalles to not in the very least, stick to the schedule we’ve been given. This isn’t just a retail street, people LIVE here.

  13. Rory

    I heard but haven’t found any articles that the reconstruction of this streetcar line will be right-of-way. Though some locals tell me it is true. I hope not. I just move back to TO from living a couple of years in Arizona prior to that I lived on St. Clair and was stunned to see that it still not finished. What was to cost 2 million and take 2 years ended up way over budget and 5 years and counting to complete. Friends I visit there tell me traffic in some intersections are in constant grid-lock, with only one lane for cars to travel do to park or stopped cars then you have one car waiting for pedestrians to finish crossing the road for it to complete its right turn allowing maybe a couple of cars at a time to pass trough the intersection before light turns red. Then on and sidewalks which have been narrowed too much that sometimes your are obligated to move up against a store front or onto the road if you’re are approached by a small group that is walking towards you. St. Clair wasn’t wide enough and most defiantly Roncevalles isn’t.

  14. John Bowker, RVBIA

    Hi Rory … the Roncesvalles streetcar line will NOT be a ROW. The streetcar tracks will remain the same, but the sidewalk will widen in areas to allow accessible boarding onto the streetcar.

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