Construction On Roncesvalles Moving Quickly

A little more than a month into the second and final round of construction, residents and shopkeepers in Roncesvalles Village are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Track work is proceeding quickly. Comments like “Wow, they’re moving fast!” are commonly heard.

Track is in place on nearly half the street, and sidewalk replacement and road repair has begun in the south end. Several blocks are open in the south end, with more opening soon.

The BIA, residents’ associations, City staff and Sanscon Construction meet biweekly and confer nearly daily to deal with problems as they come up.

While construction is never trouble-free, Sanscon has made significant efforts to accommodate normal life in Roncesvalles Village, opening up the street as quickly as they can, accommodating weddings and funerals, providing barricades and an extra-wide pedestrian bridge for the Polish Credit Union’s 65th anniversary party, helping with parking, garbage and delivery, and taking pedestrian access and dust control on Roncesvalles seriously.

To address concerns that the BIA had over parking and access to shops, Sanscon has made efforts to limit the extent of the road closure for track work while getting track work done as quickly as possible so that the street can open up.

Track work is at its very height right now, with active track work in five blocks in the south end and two blocks at the north end. But progress has been quick, and we are looking forward to the expected resumption of two-way traffic and transit on Roncesvalles in late September.

Construction inevitably brings its share of headaches; however, there is a growing positive attitude on the street. As Rob Rostecki, owner of Rostecki’s Pharmacy (313 Roncesvalles Avenue), quipped about the challenges of construction: “One year of suck is worth fifty years of awesome.” Echoing this, Sara Filmore of Planet Kid (87 Roncesvalles Avenue) said: “I’m excited that they’re finally underway. It’s going to be fantastic when it’s done.”

5 thoughts on “Construction On Roncesvalles Moving Quickly

  1. Starbuck's neighbour

    Obviously you don’t live in the area where they are doing the damn construction at all hours of the day – well most hours of the day. They take between 6 pm and 11 pm off. That’s right. All of the neighbours at the top of the street have not been able to sleep for the past 5 nights because of the noise levels that are out of control. We sure hope that this damn construction is done soon, because I have come to hate the workers who are extremely disrespectful and I now hate all of the city who are allowing this to happen. To be honest I don’t give a rats ass if it takes longer as long as we can sleep and that means our kids too folks. So enjoy your new road.

    Your cranky ass, sleep deprived bitch of a neighbour who hates the city and everyone who works for it.

  2. Keith Denning, Coordinator, RVBIA

    Actually, I live very close to the Starbucks also, so yes, my family and I have been enduring this too.

    Installing the actual track is noisy, but this is nearly finished. Pouring concrete etc. is usually done during the day and is much quieter.

    The Roncesvalles/Dundas intersection is expected to be completely open on September 7.

  3. Chris up in High Park

    Hey Starbucks neighbour, your street will be one of the best walking/shopping stretches in Toronto…it already is, thus, Starbucks locating there! Hang in there, buy extra kleenex to blow the dust out of your nose. My son and I drive it every day to and from daycare, he loves the cement trucks and large back hoe’s the best!

  4. Fermanagh Ave

    In response to the “growing positive attitude on the street” statement above its interesting that the author bases this on the opinion of two merchants. Really? Not one negative response? Not exactly a scientific survey of the overall neighbourhood mood. More like a 1 1/2 years of “suck” (so far) actually, and I honestly don’t see “awesome” coming out at the other end.

    The city portion of the water mains were replaced on Fermanagh last year. The sidewalk STILL hasn’t been replaced. This is NOT going to be finished in November folks. Look forward to another winter of unfinished work and more construction in the spring.

    And Keith, it isn’t necessary for you to respond to comments on the site. No one in the neighbourhood is terribly interested in the overly defensive opinion of the RVBIA Coordinator at the moment. People are tired and pissed off; do yourself a favour and let them vent.

  5. Anna

    I visited a shop on Roncesvalles near Howard Park twice in the last week(and it was not easy). I had a taxi park 1/2 a block away on Howard Park, walked 1/2 a block south to the next intersection on Roncesvalles from Howard Park alongside a dirt road and when I left the shop I crossed a street car track rail that had been removed at the corner of Roncesvalles and Howard Park(south east corner).

    The absence of leadership shown by the local BIA and the local councillor is astounding. I have lived in this area since I was 3 and visited the Roncesvalles retail strip on a regular basis. This latest renovation should put paid to the whole retail strip.

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