Construction Update, August 7 2010

This is day 24 of construction, and we have a few updates. Please remember that schedules and timelines are approximate and subject to change.

==Work Progress==

Harvard to Marion: track is complete. West side sidewalk work begins next week.

Marion to Pearson: the final layer of concrete is done. Opening up soon.

Pearson to Galley: the final layer of concrete is done. Opening up soon.

Galley to Garden: track is laid in and the second layer of concrete is being poured

Garden to Fern: the first layer of concrete is poured and track is ready for placement

Fern to Westminster: excavation and grading

Westminster to Geoffrey: sawcutting in preparation for excavation

You can expect the track work zone to expand a bit more before it starts to contract, but it will start shrinking soon. Each stage of track work requires nearly a block: sawcutting, excavation, grading, initial layer of concrete, track installation, second and third concrete layers. That’s about six blocks in total.

==Opening Up Roncesvalles==

People have expressed concern about the progress of the work, because right now there is no street parking from Harvard up to Westminster and the work zone is getting longer and longer. We have had a conversation about this today with the president of Sanscon, and stressed the importance of opening up the street wherever possible. Here’s where we stand:

The block from Harvard to Marion will remain one lane northbound for about three weeks while Sanscon does west side road repair and sidewalk work. (Sidewalk work will start there next week.)

As track work is completed north of Marion things will start to open up. Sanscon has poured the final layer of concrete from Marion to Galley, and as soon as the concrete has cured (about two days after pouring) they will open up those blocks. So we expect parking to return to Roncesvalles from Marion to Galley early next week, and as track work is completed north of there the street will continue to open up. We expect that the track work zone will be roughly five to six blocks long as it progresses up the street, sometimes longer, and sometimes shorter.

Parking restrictions will return to limited areas of the street where sidewalk and road work is occurring.

==West Side Intersection Closures==

Marion Street: open

Pearson Ave. will open in the next few days

Galley Ave. will open in the next few days

Garden Ave.: will open in about a week

Fern, Wright, High Park: will gradually open over the next three weeks

As excavation proceeds north, you can expect the west side intersections of Westminster and Geoffrey to close. Residents and businesses will be notified by the City as this time approaches.

There will be additional intersection closures when the contractor is doing road repair, but these are expected to be brief.

One thought on “Construction Update, August 7 2010

  1. Rashmi Sunder Raj

    To add insult to injury, residents and business in Roncy must endure another year of endless construction. For what: streetcar tracks??? Follow the example of every other major city in North America and replace the slow unreliable streetcars with buses and LRT.

    I really feel for the businesses of Roncy, many of which I cannot now access easily by car or foot. The end result of this construction debacle better be a significant improvement to the street; anything less and the whole exercise would have been a big waste of time. We can only hope new businesses open to compensate for the many many places that went under owing to the construction madness.

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