Construction Update, February 20, 2010

Hello everyone:

Here’s the latest construction update, following on our regular bi-weekly meeting with the City and contractors.


Comer will be on the street on Saturday to finish two final bits of work. These are a water main crossing at Wright Avenue on the east side of Roncesvalles and a water service at 195 Roncesvalles (right across from the library.) Each job is expected to take several hours; traffic restrictions will be minimal and there will be no road or intersection closures.

This will be the final work in the south end until the spring, when Comer will return to repair topsoil, sod and private side concrete that was disturbed during construction.


There are also two hydrants that require installation south of Grenadier. Each of these take about half a day.

Aside from this, all work south of Grenadier is complete.

Work on the Grenadier to Neepawa block is proceeding apace and should be complete in roughly a week, except for a few services at Roncesvalles and Constance that will begin on March 1.

Roncesvalles is completely open and two-way from Queen to Geoffrey.

Current work at Howard Park Avenue will be complete in about one week.

The water main from Marmaduke to Boustead is currently undergoing pressure testing, and will be tested for water quality early next week. We hope that it will pass!

Starting approximately February 24, Varcon will begin sewer work at Boustead moving south to Marmaduke. If the water main has passed inspection, they will do water at the same time. If not, they may need to return to do a few water services in the north end.

Varcon will be working on Saturdays with smaller crews and will make efforts to minimize disruption to the neighbourhood while trying to maintain their schedule.


Varcon is continuing to sweep regularly in the wee hours of the night. We can expect a thorough sweeping roughly once a week, or more often if needed.


Parking enforcement has been uneven on Roncesvalles during the construction. The BIA has repeated asked for some leniency with respect to parking during this time, and this has met with some success.

In the construction zone, currently from Geoffrey up to Boustead, parking enforcement will continue to be a bit “relaxed.”

However, from Queen up to Geoffrey it’s business as usual. Parking enforcement is back to normal there. Please be aware of this, and let your customers know!


There have been two gas leaks in the past two weeks. One occurred in the middle of the night about a week ago. There is evidence that this was caused by vandals who were observed throwing rocks at an exposed gas line. We have been told that the police are involved in this matter.

Varcon fences off all work areas, but will be taking further steps to cover exposed gas lines wherever possible, and quickly fill holes with gas lines in them to prevent this from happening again.

A gas leak earlier this week was the result of a poor location of a gas line. (The exact location or depth of a gas line is rarely known, because these lines are torpedoed through the ground.) Again, Varcon has taken steps to prevent this from recurring. Crews have been instructed from the beginning to hand dig anywhere where they suspect a gas line may be. They will be more diligent about this, giving gas lines an even wider berth.

Varcon may realign some water and sewer services from their current locations to avoid gas lines altogether.

We have been told that both these approaches may slightly slow down the pace of the work, but will improve safety for our street.


Varcon tells us that they are still on track for completion in mid-March.


We are still hopeful that we may be able to get two-way buses on at least part of Roncesvalles before Varcon completes their work, and are working with the TTC to find a way to make this happen.

Regardless, we will get two-way transit and traffic on Roncesvalles once Varcon’s work is complete.

2 thoughts on “Construction Update, February 20, 2010

  1. V

    Hey, what happened? I go to Mexico in October, 2008 and I come back and see what is a mess of Roncy this past March 17, 2010. No more streetcar tracks or overhead wires for them? I guess smelly diesel buses will be the ‘norm’.?

  2. Keith Denning, Coordinator, RVBIA

    Hi V:

    We’ll be getting two-way buses back once the work in the north end is compete, which should be about two weeks.

    The overhead wires were removed to accommodate the construction vehicles. Track installation will begin in June and should be complete sometime in September. After that we will get two-way buses again, and they’ll start restringing the overhead wires for streetcars. That should take about eight weeks, after which we’ll get our streetcars back.

    Hope that helps!

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