Construction Update, January 25

Hello everyone:

Here’s the latest update following our meeting with the contractors last week.


Roncesvalles (particularly the north end) will be getting a thorough sweeping early this week. This will occur in the early morning (after 3:00 a.m.) to minimize disruption to the street. Varcon will also be bringing in a small sweeper for localized street cleaning.

I was gratified to see City staff cleaning sidewalks Friday. We are told by Councillor Perks’ office that we can expect ongoing extra efforts for sidewalk cleaning on Roncesvalles from City staff, particularly in the north end.

If you see uncollected garbage or think your section of street could use a decent cleaning from the City, please do call 311.


The final water and sewer services between Wright and Fermanagh will be complete early this week.

There is one large service that is being installed between Fern and Wright. This will take up to a week to install because it is an unusually large pipe.

There are three remaining side street water main connections to make. Each of these will take about two to three days. These will be at Wright, Fern and Galley.

There are also two fire hydrant connections remaining. Each of these typically takes a day.

We are told that work in the south end will be completely finished in about two weeks. As it stands right now, everything south of Fern is completely open two ways.


The intersection at Fermanagh will remain closed for about two more weeks while Bell Telephone does extensive work on its infrastructure there.

Two rather tricky connections are now being done on the Fermanagh to Westminster block. These should be complete early next week, after which on-street parking will be available from Fermanagh to Geoffrey.

Work is complete from Westminster to Geoffrey, and on-street parking is available. There are a few bits of asphalt patching yet to be done. They should be done very soon. Sewer and water connections are currently being made between Geoffrey and Grenadier. This block should be complete within two weeks.

Varcon’s workers are doing their best to complete cuts quickly, fill and pave them quickly and move on. It can be slow work at times because identifying existing services can be tricky. Some buildings have records of multiple water services, for example, and these need to be found if they exist. This can lead to delays as every service needs to be found.

Nevertheless, Varcon has four or five crews working on this job now. Many cuts they do serve both sewer and water connections, and where they can do two buildings in a single cut, they do. This speeds up the work. They are also plating cuts where necessary to provide adequate sidewalk space.

At Grenadier, a side street connection is currently being tunneled. This should take roughly another ten or twelve days to complete.

The intersection of Neepawa and Roncesvalles will be opening in the next few days.

The intersection of Roncesvalles and Marmaduke will remain closed for sewer work, staging and storage for several more weeks.

Varcon has finished its north-south watermain tunnel underneath Howard Park Avenue. A second, east-west tunnel crossing Roncesvalles under Howard Park Avenue will take about two weeks to complete.

Once these tunnels are complete and water main is installed there, the last bit of water main will be finished up south of Howard Park Avenue. Then the northern section of new water main (from roughly Marmaduke to Boustead) will have to pass pressure and quality tests (which takes at least one week, often two.)

After the northern part of the main passes for quality, sewer and water connections will start at Boustead moving south as well as continuing to move north.

Because sewer connections north of Marmaduke will involve decommissioning an old sewer, these connections must be done from north to south (Boustead to Marmaduke) to prevent the possibility of flooding.


As soon as construction is complete, two-way traffic and transit will return to the entire length of Roncesvalles until the next round of construction begins in June.