Construction Update, July 7 2010

Please note that the information in this update is provisional. We are reporting the best information that we have at present. Details may change. We will keep everyone updated as new information becomes available.


Final Round of Construction To Start Mid-July 2010

In mid-July 2010 streetcar track and sidewalk construction will begin on Roncesvalles.

ALL work will start in the south and gradually move north. Work will be happening 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Monday through Saturday, with some work at night and on Sundays also.

The track work zone will occupy an area about five blocks long, and will occupy three lanes of traffic.

Through the work zone there will be one lane northbound only. Pedestrian crossings may be temporarily disrupted. Parking/delivery areas will be in staging areas (where equipment and material is stored but there is no active construction.)

The track work zone should move past your location in roughly three weeks.

To the north and south of the track work zone traffic will flow normally. Cars can drive on completed track.

Track work at Howard Park Avenue and at Dundas St. will involve closures of those intersections that may last up to ten days.

Track work should be complete around October 1.

When track work is complete, we expect to get two-way traffic and transit restored.

Sidewalk construction will follow behind streetcar track construction. This will involve repairing or rebuilding sidewalk, removing nearly all existing tree planters, installing infrastructure for new trees (soil trenches under the sidewalk) and other improvements.

Sidewalk work zones are expected to be one block long. In these zones, pedestrians will be directed to a safe lane on the road, and wheelchair accessible ramps will lead to every doorway. There will be parking restrictions in these areas. Each block is estimated to take between two and three weeks to complete.

Transit platform construction will follow behind sidewalk construction. Each platform will take several weeks to build. There will be minimal pedestrian or traffic disruption in these zones, which will be about a block long. There will be parking restrictions in these zones.

Sidewalk and platform work should be complete in November or December.

If work is not finished by December 3, the contractor will clean up and leave Roncesvalles until spring 2011.

Our new trees will be planted in spring 2011.

During track construction, a 504 shuttle bus will loop from Dundas West Station, down Lansdowne to Queen and up Roncesvalles as before. Once track work is complete (about October 1) two-way transit will return.

See You in 2011 for the Roncesvalles Polish Festival! In The Meantime…

The construction this year makes a major festival on Roncesvalles impossible. The RVBIA is planning a number of smaller events throughout the year.

In May we had a blast with our Spring Fever Event, and in June we had a great time with our first annual Roncy Rocks! festival.

Roncylicious, our celebration of Roncesvalles’ great food culture, is returning in August, starting with a great one-day on-street food party on Saturday August 7!

And join us later in the year for more great Roncy events.

Three Hours’ Free Parking On Roncesvalles Avenue!

There will be no parking meters on Roncesvalles until construction is complete. You can park for up to three hours in any legal parking spot on Roncesvalles Avenue for free! Please be mindful of all parking signage.

Tickets will still be issued for illegal parking or parking for longer than three hours in a legal spot. If you receive a ticket that you wish to dispute, please call Councillor Perks’ office at (416) 392-7919.

Don’t forget about nearby parking lots at: Queen and Triller, the Polish Credit Union, Howard Public School (public pay parking evenings, weekends, holidays and school breaks) and at Dundas and Roncesvalles (by Starbucks.)

Where Can I Learn More?

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Thanks, and keep supporting your favourite shops on Roncesvalles!