Construction Update, March 23 2010

Hello everyone:

Here’s the latest construction update, following on our regular bi-weekly meeting with the City and contractors.

Work north of Howard Park Avenue should be complete by mid-week, roughly March 24.

Work south of Howard Park has begun with one crew. When work north of Howard is finished, the second crew will begin work at Marmaduke and move north.

Work is proceeding well, and the contractors are hopeful that they will indeed be finished in a few weeks. The current estimate for completion is the first week of April.

Once again, as soon as the work is complete we will get two-way traffic and transit on the whole of Roncesvalles.


Dust remains an issue, but now that the temperature is consistently above zero, water is being used when sweeping and flushers will be used to damp the road and wash away dust. (A flusher went through on Friday afternoon.) This is a significant improvement over what we’ve endured through the winter.

In the next week or so will be coordinating an early morning flushing and sweeping of the roadway that should eliminate much of the remaining dust and gravel. We will notify our members of this so that you will have the opportunity to thoroughly sweep your sidewalk into the roadway the day before. (Thanks to Paul at Pollocks Flooring for this idea.)


Repairs to private walkways that were disrupted during this work are expected to begin fairly soon. We are told that this will not involve significant disruptions.

Repairs to private lawns will likely start in May, when the first crop of sod is ready.