Roncylicious Returns to Roncesvalles Village in August!

Our annual celebration of the great food culture of Roncesvalles Village is coming back!

We’re very pleased to announce the return of Roncylicious to Roncesvalles Village from August 3 to 31. This event is a “licious” style restaurant promotion, with great specials and prix fixe meals and deals at participating restaurants and specialty food shops, including:

Abstract Tree, Blue Plate, Chopin Restaurant, The Dizzy Gastro Sports Pub, Domani, Gabby’s, Gate 403, Homebake Pizza Co., Lardon, The Mercantile, Papazee’s and Shala-Mar

roncyliciousfacebook.jpg Roncylicious is not just about getting food, however. It’s also about giving food. We have partnered with a number of local food banks, and participating food drive businesses will be offering small discounts through the month of August in exchange for in-store food donations that will support the food banks at High Park Baptist Church, PARC and the Parkdale Food Bank. Businesses supporting the food bank drive include:

Mari Cla Ro, Sweet Thrills and She Said Boom!

Roncylicious will kick off in style at our launch party on Roncesvalles Avenue on Saturday August 7. Roncesvalles Avenue will be having a sidewalk sale, but the main event will be the Party in the Parking Lot at the Polish Credit Union.

We have partnered with the Polish Credit Union, which is celebrating their 65th anniversary that day. Drop in for great music, food, a drink in the beverage garden, and much more

For all the details, please visit the Roncylicious website.

One thought on “Roncylicious Returns to Roncesvalles Village in August!

  1. The Dizzy

    Hey Neighbors,

    Im so excited to see the BIA revive this initiative! This can really be a great way to bring in clientelle from Parkdale, High Park & Bloor West. If we can get everyone really excited and get them to offer some really great deals and specials and get as many merchants involved as we can (you dont have to be a restaurant, you just have to sell some sort of food related item). It could possibly be enough to get people coming into our neighborhood in spite of the construction woes that will be happening for the rest of the summer. Lets face it, we are all going to have a tough time during this next wave of construction and august seems to be the slowest season for most restaurants and bars anyhow. This will be as big as we make it, by working together and combining synergies we have a great pool of resources. Here at the Dizzy, we are willing to help with some of the advertising, gift certificates for prizes and use our media connections to help promote it. If every business can contribute to this in some small way, it may help ease us through august without losing our asses! I think the BIA should give away some big prizes at select spots in the neighborhood to create some hype as well.

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