Roncesvalles Renewed Walking Tour June 6

The transformation of Roncesvalles will begin this summer and continue in 2010. A number of broad decisions have now been passed by Toronto City Council with regards to the width of the street, transit platforms and other features. The next step will be to convene in a design charette to provide input to the city on specific design details. Gord Perks will be organizing this session shortly.

In preparation for this, the Roncesvalles Renewed team is inviting you to participate in a walk up Roncesvalles to look at the broad plan and to develop ideas for input to the city. We will meet at the Grafton Parkette, at the bottom of Roncesvalles on the east side at 1:30 p.m. on Saturday June 6. We will walk up the street with a map of the new features, aiming to discuss the

following areas:

– Tree location

– Street furniture

– Transit platform design

– Lighting

– Crosswalks

– Bumpouts at intersections

– And whatever else might come up that is consistent with the overall plan.

We hope to see you there. If you are not able to make it, please contact us at with your thoughts.

One thought on “Roncesvalles Renewed Walking Tour June 6

  1. irena wimmer

    Please remember to allow for sitting space and keep the sidewalks as straight as possible. For those of us with arthritis, we currently use the planters around the treess for sitting (whether they were meant for this or not) and if the planters have to go, replace with benches. Secondly, it is difficult to walk along a street that is slanted.

    All TTC shelters should have benches because when I wait for the TTC in the morning or evening (after being short turned at Queen more often than not), I need to sit.

    The TTC stop at Grenadier (going north) is very dangerously located and the crosswalk even more so. Someone should look at this. The police could make a killing in giving out tickets for car drivers who don’t stop for the crosswalk or for cars parked too closely to the crosswalk. That’s it for now.

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