Roncesvalles Will Be Running Over With Chocolate

The Revue Cinema returns with its latest edition of the Epicure Revue with a screening of the wonderful foodie film Chocolat, starring Juliette Binoche and Johnny Depp.

rv_chocolateventposter_web.jpgFull details can be found on the Revue Cinema website here.

The Revue has partnered with many Roncesvalles businesses, each of whom will be doing something really special on the day, including:

The Chocolateria (361), offering a post-screening chocolate tasting ($20) and 10% discount on sales.

Fat Cat Wine Bar (331), offering a special chocolate fondue and chocolate drinks for 2 ($30)

Blue Plate (392), offering a chocolate-infused four course pre-film dinner ($30, reservations recommended)

The Dizzy Gastro Sports Pub (305), offering an all day game dish with chocolate mole sauce.

Lardon (390), offering a Chocolat-inspired wine tasting. The post-screening session is sold out, but a second tasting is set for Tuesday December 14 ($25).

The Mercantile (297), offering a pre-show free chocolate sampling from 5:00 on.

Alternative Grounds (333), offering Queen “E” Espresso Chocolate Clusters. Bring your Chocolat theatre program for a 10% discount.

Lit Espresso Bar (221), offering a week-long discount on a Caffé Mocha, from Dec. 15 to 22.

Mabel’s Bakery (323), offering their famous Triple Chocolate Brownie for under $3!

The Old Country Gift Shop (355) offering a wide range of traditional German chocolates and marzipan treats.

Sweet Thrills (399), offering a wide selection of British chocolate treats.

Another Story Bookshop (315), offering a 10% discount on select chocolate-themed books. Show your ticket stub or program for a discount on Chocolate Wars, Chocolat, the book that inspired the movie, other other select titles.