Roncesvalles Wins CBC Song Quest!

We’re delighted to announce that Roncesvalles surged ahead of all competitors in the Ontario section of CBC’s Song Quest to win. Thanks to everyone who voted, and thanks especially to Roncy businesses who got the word out!

As Rachel at Hawk Eyes said: “Roncy needs the love.”

We’re looking forward to hearing what Jully Black will create about our great street.

4 thoughts on “Roncesvalles Wins CBC Song Quest!

  1. Rashmi

    Are you joking? Roncy Ave is a disaster zone, owing to the City’s mismanagement of the reconstruction. Two years on and what does the street have to show for it? A myriad of closed businesses, road closures, dust, rubble, and garbage strewn all over the street.

  2. Tom Kane

    What we have the continuation of our village main street, stilled served by small business — many of which have survived the disruption (approx 16 month at present). We have a “main street” providing a wide variety of services, with, for example, a wonderful variety food services. We have a “main street” which presents businesses and homes to the people on the street.

    We have an avenue which is showing its strength throughout this period.

  3. Sheila Snowball

    Congrats to Roncesvalles Ave!!!! We’re GOOD ENOUGH we’re STRONG ENOUGH and gosh darn people like us!!!!

  4. Bryan Dorie

    I grew up in the 60s and 70s on Roncesvales as did a lot of other people we have a special bond and have maintained this bond 50 years later. We appreciate the song by Jully Black. If you want to see more checkout Ronceskids of the 60s and70s Great Job Jully

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