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Boomerang Pilates and Wellness

240 Roncesvalles Avenue, Canada M6R 2L8
Business Details:

​Since we opened in 2011, we've expanded our teaching team to include some of the best instructors in both Pilates and Restorative Exercise. You can explore movement in ways that build you from the inside out and address your need for healthy movement AND your craving for a workout!

As of March 19th, 2020Online classes are now available.  In addition to running most of our regular classes via Zoom, we will be adding free content to our Youtube channel.   To find out more please visit our website scheduling page.

A message from Boomerang Pilates:  "We don't sell props online, but here's the deal:
Connect with them directly with what you need, I'll let you know the $ and you can send an etransfer.

We have all four sizes of Yoga Tune Up balls, a firmer small exercise ball, spiky balls, light resistance bands, half domes and monster bands (the light loop bands)."