Sunnyside Provisions

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287 Roncesvalles Avenue, Canada M6R 2M3
Business Details:

Sunnyside Provisions is a local Takeaway, Grocery + Bottleshop serving the local neighbourhood.

Our GROCERY offers specially prepared dishes and whole meals, all made in-house, complete with simple reheat instructions. Whether you are looking for a soup, stew, sauce, pie, meatloaf, Chili or chicken dish, Sunnyside Provisions has it all. We also offer a wide range of homemade dips, desserts and dressings in our fridge.

We’ve got delicious TAKEAWAY ready to eat, like our classic fish & chips and favourite guilty pleasure - soft-serve ice cream!

And our BOTTLESHOP has a great selection of organic, biodynamic and natural wines and lots of local beers + ciders to complement whatever you’re eating.

Gift cards, Call + Collect Menu + Catering Menu – all available too!
Check them out on our website and on our Instagram page.
Call us on: 416-546-6736