CafeTO 2021 on Roncy

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The warmer weather is slowly approaching,  and with it comes more time outside and…CafeTO back on Roncesvalles!

The City of Toronto recently approved an expanded CafeTO for 2021 based on the success of the program in 2020.  On behalf of the RVBIA, Hypitch Marketing will be managing the CafeTO program for our members on Roncesvalles.

For Members (Roncesvalles Business Owners), please connect with the Hypitch team prior to registering with the city.  If you did not receive email about this last week please connect with us to get on the mailing list.

The City of Toronto has tailored CaféTO to eligible restaurants, bars and cafés, however, CaféTO lane closures affect all businesses. Please contact Hypitch with any questions, comments or concerns surrounding CaféTO. Any restaurant, bar or cafés wishing to participate in CaféTO 2021 should contact Hypitch in order for us to review your qualifications and include you in the initial planning process.