During the Pandemic

Getting through this together

In recognition that everyone has had to adjust their personal and work lives rapidly and profoundly, we would like to thank the people of Roncesvalles Village, business owners and staff, for their part in reducing the spread of COVID-19.

We wish to express our deep gratitude to all of the healthcare workers, delivery personnel and frontline workers in our midst and everywhere who continue to provide essential services, despite the health risks.

Thank you all for doing your part. We’re all in this together.

How Our Businesses are Serving the Community

Essential Services have remained open on Roncesvalles, by providing curb-side pickup, or delivery, or service by phone and email.

Stage 1 Reopening: Started May 19, 2020

It included retail, health services, community services, veterinary and animal services, plus outdoor recreational amenities, individual outdoor recreation sports, indoor and outdoor household services and maintenance among others. All businesses have a set of prescribed regulations they need to adhere to, based on the nature of their  business.

Stage 2 Reopening: Started June 24, 2020

Many additional Toronto businesses were allowed to open in stage 2 with health restrictions in place, including some personal care businesses.

Stage 3 reopening: Started July 31, 2020

Toronto was allowed to reopen nearly all businesses and public spaces with public health and workplace safety restrictions in place, while some high-risk venues and activities still remained closed until they could safely resume operations. This allowed for the restart of indoor restaurant dining, gyms and sports facilities with certain restrictions in place, for example.

Impact of the COVID19 closures

Many businesses along Roncesvalles were forced to close suddenly until further notice, to help reduce the outbreak. Those that are able to operate in some way, are doing their best to continue serving our community’s needs in any way they can. This has required profound shifts in the way they do business.

Fortunately, there is plenty of ingenuity and good will among our entrepreneurs. They are finding ways to operate their business in new and safe ways, including collaborations with each other.

Find what you need and how to get it

Our Business Directory and Instagram are updated regularly, as business operations are shifting rapidly.

How to Support Our Businesses

First, we want to thank our loyal customers who continue to shop at our local businesses, buy their food here and order from their favorite restaurants and pubs. 

Please visit our extended patios or make reservations for dining inside. Remember to wear your masks until you are seated at your table.

Most businesses have reopened. You can continue to make purchases from businesses that are temporarily closed by shopping online. Some are offering online and phone ordering, and many still offer curb-side pickup or home delivery, while others are providing online consultation, online classes or gift cards.

Consider purchasing gift cards from our businesses for shopping online or on Roncesvalles when the shops reopen. Please keep bringing them your business!

Use our Business Directory to search by category or click on a tag to see who’s open and all the ways they can serve you.


Curbside Pickup and Grocery Shopping Reminders

  1. When lining up outside for curbside pickup or to shop for groceries, maintain 2 meters between yourself and those in front (and behind you). 
  2. For grocery stores and convenience stores that allow access into their shop, the owner or manager is responsible for maintaining the number of people below the maximum allowed for safe distancing.  Avoid overcrowded shops.
  3. Bring your credit or debit card, unless you’ve prepaid.
  4. Wear a mask to reduce the risk of spreading the virus in case you could happen to be an asymptomatic carrier.
  5. Avoid shopping when you don’t feel well.

Supporting the Survival of Our Main Street

Our hearts go out to those businesses that have had to close temporarily or permanently and to all those who have lost their jobs during this time. This is a very difficult time for them, with very tough decisions to make.

  • We continue to provide updates in our Business Directory and on Instagram.
  • We continue to advocate for measures needed to help small businesses get through this unprecedented period.
  • We are shifting our priorities and activities during this period, finding creative solutions  and investigating new opportunities.
  • Our staff is still hard at work. Our Board of Management is accessible. 
  • If you have a question or concern, please reach out to them.

Online resources for COVID-19

Information from each level of government:

For additional COVID-19 questions not answered on the federal website or its FAQ section, please contact:

  • Phone: 1-833-784-4397 
  • Email: phac.info.aspc@canada.ca 

Learn more about Canada’s response to COVID-19.

Local Resources:

COVID-19 Action Parkdale Roncesvalles