In the News: Air Quality Pilot for Roncesvalles Businesses

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In partnership with Digital Main Street the Roncesvalles Village BIA, is pleased to share that AirQ has been selected to pilot their air sensors as part of the DMS Lab in support of small business.

What is AirQ

This system audits airflow and CO2 in enclosed spaces. Ensuring that every small business has safe airflow is an important part of increasing consumer confidence as businesses reopen.

From Digital Main Street:  “As part of the pilot project, AirQ will complete over 400 air quality measurements and 30 air quality audits for the small businesses in Roncesvalles Village BIA. Twenty-five businesses will have their air quality permanently monitored through the installation of custom sensors developed by AirQ. These sensors collect live air safety data, measuring the amount of exhaled air present and can trigger fans or alarms if air safety drops. The presence of exhaled air, measured as CO2 parts per million, can inform businesses of the risks related to aerosol transmission of COVID-19 particles. This pilot will leverage these indoor air safety measurements to support the success and recovery of Roncesvalles’ local businesses. Businesses with outstanding air safety will be featured on AirQ’s online map”.  Continue reading:

“We’re pleased to be a partner in the AirQ sensor pilot and air quality testing” says RVBIA Board of Management Chair, David

Neinstein. “We are keen to do our part in mitigating the spread of COVID -19 and other airborne illnesses. Anything that will help keep staff and customers safe and reassured at businesses along Roncesvalles, and elsewhere, is worth doing.”

Funding for this pilot was made available through The Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario (FedDev Ontario)