King-Queen Queensway-Roncesvalles South End Construction

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Updated March 18, 2022

Kindly note that the pedestrian / cycle bridge at Beauty Boulevard Park located at southwest corner of the KQQR intersection will close for 1 week starting Monday, March 21, 2022, at 6:00 a.m. The closure is required in order for the City’s contractor to continue with planned KQQR work in the immediate area.

During the closure access to the Martin Goodman Trail can be achieved at the following alternate locations:
Eastbound: Colborne Lodge Drive or Parkside Drive
Westbound: Dowling Avenue
There will be signage in place to alert people walking and cycling of the closure and alternate routes.

The KQQR Construction Update can be viewed here
The KQQR Traffic Plan can be viewed here

Upon activation of the new traffic signals at the KQQR intersection, area residents and businesses can expect the following traffic changes:

  • Queen Street West will re-open between the KQQR intersection and Triller Avenue,
  • Roncesvalles Avenue will open at the KQQR intersection
  • King Street West will close between the KQQR intersection and Wilson Park Road.
  • Travel lanes will continue to be reduced to 1 lane in each direction on The Queensway.
  • Directional signage will be updated to alert pedestrians, cyclists and motorists of these changes.

KQQR construction is progressing on schedule. For any questions or concerns regarding KQQR, you can attend Virtual Trailer Drop-In Sessions run weekly on Tuesday mornings.

For more info, please visit the City of Toronto webpage.

During construction, learn how to access St. Joseph’s Health Centre.

TTC Updates:

Virtual Trailer

The City is also hosting Virtual Trailer Drop-In Sessions where members of the public can join, (virtually), to ask questions about the ongoing KQQR construction work. City staff and a representative from the local City Councillor’s office will be at the meeting to either provide answers on the spot or report back shortly after.


King-Queen Queensway-Roncesvalles South End Construction (KQQR) Information

How to stay informed: 

Issues can be communicated to City staff:

  • During business hours, please call 416-392-3074 o After hours (5 p.m.), please call 311
  • Via email to: Councillor Perks’ office also asks that you copy them in your emails

KQQR Staging Map Aug 2020

About the Project:

After postponement, the City of Toronto and the TTC are moving forward with reconstructing the intersection at King / Queen / Roncesvalles / Queensway (KQQR) this year. The construction will take place in three phases as outlined below. This is a joint project by the TTC, Toronto’s Transportation Services and Water Division.

The South End Committee reports that Stage 1 of the King-Queen-Queensway-Roncesvalles Construction project has begun, closure is dated for March 31 and will run through July 2021.  Please note the TTC 504 King streetcar will have a temporary route change during construction.


For more information please visit the City of Toronto webpage on this project, which includes details on:

Overall Scope of work

Map showing location of construction planned for 2019 on and near the intersection or Roncesvalles Ave., Queen Street West, King Street West and The Queensway.

  • As part of the state of good repair work, the aging sewer and track around the intersection needs to be replaced
  • Relocating the eastbound centre platform streetcar stop to the far side of the intersection
  • Realigning the King Street West leg to create a better intersection angle and increase green space
  • Modifying / constructing street car platforms at Glendale Avenue
  • Continue the bump-out treatment on Roncesvalles at this intersection

As part of the Sunnyside Community Association area traffic study that was completed in 2008, the city will also be:

  • Modifying the signal at Glendale Avenue and Queensway
  • Adding dedicated eastbound – left – turn lanes at Sunnyside Avenue, Glendale Avenue, and The Queensway
  • Signalizing intersection at Sunnyside and The Queensway
  • Modifying the streetcar track vertical alignment (slope at Claude Avenue that will visually and physically enhance the existing right-in / right-out at Claude Avenue)

At the same time that the road is closed, the TTC will be modifying Roncesvalles Ave with small adjustments to the Bump Outs and Streetcar Platforms from Marion St. to Boustead Ave. so they are in compliance with AODA legislation and support smooth operation of the ramps on streetcars.

This project has been anticipated since the reconstruction of the top end of Roncesvalles that was completed in 2011. It will improve public transportation and realm, pedestrian environment, and traffic circulation in this area. The Roncesvalles Village BIA and Parkdale Village BIA will be working together to mitigate the impact of the construction on our businesses and their customers.