Anti-Black Racism Resources

“In a racist society it is not enough to be non-racist, we must be anti-racist.”  ~ Angela Davis

To better inform yourself and take action to support the Anti-Black Racism movement, here are some resources:
The first three links are from a community member, Stephanie Guthrie.
The fourth is from Leah of Scout — GREAT for small businesses and to share with employees.

Why We Should Stop Saying “All Lives Matter”:
Seven Ways Businesses Can Value Black Lives Beyond Social Media:

When it comes to anti-oppression, none of us has all the answers; we are all at different points on the continuum of knowledge and experience”. ~ Shree Paradkar from Toronto Star article “‘What white privilege?’ ‘Why can’t you be more civil?’ Some FAQs about racism and answers you may find challenging.”

5 tips for being an Ally  (3 min video)

Here’s some resources created for the learning journey:

Thanks to Dr. Marianne Mader

Scaffolded Anti-Racist Resources.pdf 

Here are some additional resources:

Thanks to Brooke from Likely General.

This Anti-Racism toolkit from is comprehensive and incredible:
Sharable Anti-Racism resource guide:
Anti-racist training courses via UofT:
Understanding Anti-Black Racism” is running in August and another in July called “Addressing Racial Microaggressions: Tools, Strategies and Discussions” with clear Learning Objectives:
  • Increase understanding of the experiences and impact of racial microaggressions – identify forms of racial microaggressive behavior and comments
  • Discuss and develop strategies for prevention and resolution of subtle discrimination within the work and learning environments
  • Increase understanding of the role of management in effectively addressing and responding to occurrences of microaggressions/subtle discrimination? — this entire website is a great and thorough resource.
Global issues:
Unfortunately many of the links aren’t working but, most are available when plugged into google or through
The tab that says “for employers” can also read as “community” and has a lot of good information there.
A book that is incredible: Dancing on Live Embers – Tina Lopes and Barb Thomas
  • “Visually dynamic, Dancing on Live Embers investigates how racism, White power, and privilege operate in the ordinary moments of organizational life. It holds up familiar workplace interactions for scrutiny, and looks for openings to advance racial equity and justice. Through stories, it offers concrete examples of racial justice work by a range of experienced activists.This is a hands-on book for people who are trying to create more equitable organizations-front-line staff, managers, administrators, political leaders, union and community educators and activists, boards of directors, teachers, human resource staff, equity officers, and university and college faculty.”
Black Legal Action Centre:
Employment Equity:

City Resources

Confronting Anti-Black Racism