Patios On Roncy

Roncesvalles VillageRoncesvalles Village BIA

Looking for a patio on Roncesvalles? Check out our Google Map of eateries along Roncy with front, backyard, or CafeTO patios!

From North (beginning at Dundas West), South to Queen St. West:

Starbucks – Front Patio
Musoshin Ramen – Front Patio
Loons Restaurant & Pub – Large backyard patio
Sunrise Grill & Crepe – Front Patio
The Local – Front + Backyard Patio
La Cubana Roncesvalles – Backyard Patio
CKB Restaurant – CafeTO Patio
Bar Bacan – Sidewalk Cafe + CafeTO Patio
Inter Steer Restaurant CafeTO + Front + Backyard Patio
Round The Horn – Backyard Patio
Lebanon Express – Front Patio
Pizzeria Defina – Backlane Patio
The Dizzy – Front Patio
Barque Smokehouse – Side Patio + New Sidewalk Snack Menu Patio
Sushi On Roncy – Backyard Patio
Sunnyside Provisions – CafeTO
Gabby’s – Front Patio
Sangria Lounge – Front Patio
Kami Sushi – Backyard Patio