Reopenings on Roncesvalles

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Masked chef prepares food in front of local pub, called The Local, during pandemic.

Stage 1 Reopenings

Ontario reached Stage 1 of reopening on May 19th for retail, non-emergency health services and counselling, veterinary and animal services, as well as community services, outdoor recreational amenities, and maintenance, among others.

Businesses on Roncesvalles that have reopened in Stage 1

Retail: In addition to operating online, or with curbside pickup and delivery, all businesses that sell or rent consumer products, and that open onto a street or exterior sidewalk, can operate under specific restrictions and guidelines.

Health Services and Counselling

Veterinary Services

Animal Services

Stage 2 Reopenings

A regional approach to reopening starting June 12th applies to those businesses in designated regions that can adhere to public health guidelines and restrictions for their type of business. Toronto and some other regions of the GTHA are excluded for now.

Businesses on Roncesvalles that will be able to reopened in Stage 2 for Toronto

  • Personal Care Services
  • Personal Services
  • Restaurants & Bars
  • Photography
  • Libraries
  • Community Centres
  • Attractions & Heritage Institutions
  • Small Outdoor Events

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