The mural artists, assistant, apprentices, elected rep and others cut the ribbon at the official launch.

Social Justice & Anti-Racism Committee

Welcome to the Roncesvalles Village BIA Social Justice and Anti-Racism Committee (SJAR) page.

Who are we?

We are business owners, BIA members and neighbourhood residents who want to work together to ensure that the Roncesvalles neighbourhood is welcoming and supportive to everyone.

Why do we exist?

Conversations about Social and Racial justice aren’t new, but the summer of 2020 brought some of these conversations to the forefront in a way that many of us had never experienced before – this encouraged us all to take a look in the mirror and recognize that we have the opportunity to do more.

What do we do?

SJAR is here to help remove barriers to equity, diversity and prosperity in our community, particularly for Black and Indigenous people and other marginalized groups. By creating and providing tools, resources and access to information, we hope to empower business owners and community members to build Roncesvalles as a neighbourhood that celebrates unique voices and stands up to racism, hate speech, and social injustice.

Do we really need this committee? This neighbourhood is filled with some really incredible people, but just “not being racist” isn’t enough anymore. Not being racist is a great start, but we want to provide people with the knowledge, ability, and framework to stand up to injustices and know how to proactively prevent and mitigate injustices.

I feel like there are new terms and things to learn every day, where do I start? We totally understand, and we’re here to help! Here is an FAQ for terms and if you’ve got questions we encourage you to look at our resources or ask us for help!

I want to learn more about the cause! Fantastic! We have a handy list of resources to start you on your journey!

How do I get involved?

  • Join our committee by using the email form below.
  • Follow us on Instagram @SJAR_Roncy.
  • Send us some suggestions and ideas using the email form below.


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