Where to Purchase Non-Medical Masks on Roncesvalles

Roncesvalles VillageCOVID19

Face masks!  From kiddos to youth to adult sizes, Roncesvalles shops have them all. Check the customized Mask On Roncy Google map below to find where to buy.

Masks are now required in all public places in the city, so in order to ensure you have one handy, have a look at the map below where to buy on Roncesvalles (which means you can also support local businesses).

To see the list as text, just tap on the icon on the top left corner of the map.

Have an update of a place that isn’t listed?  Email us so we can add them to the map: email us

Mandatory Mask or Face Covering Bylaw (Wearing a mask or face covering is required in indoor public spaces took effect in July 2020)