29-Storey Tower Proposed for Dundas and Bloor – Your Input Sought

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Proposed condominium towerA 29-story condominium tower has been proposed for Dundas and Bloor, on the site of Joe Mercury’s. This project may set an example for new buildings along Roncesvalles, which has been designated for denser development under the City’s Official Plan.

A public meeting has been scheduled for Thursday, Sept. 20, to gather public input on this important project. The meeting will take place at Lithuanian Hall, 1573 Bloor Street West, from 7-9 pm.

For more information, please visit www.dundasandbloor.ca, or email: friendsofdundasandbloor@gmail.com

PHOTO (right): Proposed design for new tower, by Stephen Teeple, Teeple Architects. View from southeast corner, looking northwest.

4 Comments on “29-Storey Tower Proposed for Dundas and Bloor – Your Input Sought”

  1. why couldn’t they replace the ugly tower on the southwest corner instead? Ehh… density is coming whether we like it or not. Any developer worth their salt will take this to the OMB for a rubber stamp if the city even says boo against the project. They engage in the theatre of public meetings as par for the course but ultimately this will not be stopped. We don’t have the money in our ‘hood to effect real change at the OMB level.

  2. Is there going to be retail on the first floor? I can’t tell from the photo.

    I hope so, that’s a busy pedestrian corner and I’d prefer to see stores that draw people in over a cold, empty lobby. Crossroads has retail but it’s so disconnected from the sidewalk that it doesn’t add anything to the street life at that corner.

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