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There has been a great deal of confusion over the past few days about the 504 bus. It has been taking a rather strange route, detouring all the way to Shaw St. before coming to the bottom of Roncesvalles. This was because of an emergency watermain repair that blocked eastbound traffic on King St. Our understanding is that this is now over, and things are somewhat more normal.


There will be ongoing work on King St. for the next while, so the 504 bus is serving Roncesvalles and King St. using this route:

SOUTHBOUND: Dundas West Station, south on Dundas and Lansdowne, west on Queen to Roncesvalles, east on King to Shaw.

NORTHBOUND: west on King, north on Roncesvalles to Dundas West Station.

Please note that, if you’re coming from Dundas West Station and you want to go north on Roncesvalles, you should transfer from the southbound 504 to a northbound 504 at Queen and Roncesvalles.

This is a bit inconvenient, but we appreciate that the TTC has to do some fancy footwork to dodge around all the construction that is happening in Toronto these days.

7 Comments on “504 Bus Route Update”

  1. I took the 504 bus tonight around 9:00pm and it went south on Lansdowne, then east on Queen! Really inconvenient.

  2. Yes, the 504 bus seems to be going east on Queen, so you have to get off at Queen and Lansdowne and either walk to Roncesvalles to catch the northbound 504, or take the Queen streetcar, then get off at Roncesvalles and switch to the northbound 504.

    The sign posted at Dundas W subway station makes no sense — they’ve even crossed out “west on Queen” and written “East, Sunnyside Loop” whatever that means.

  3. Because of some problems with construction on King St. early on the bus did indeed divert east on Queen, which was very inconvenient for Roncy residents and visitors.

    But as of last week, the bus is indeed following the route indicated above.

  4. Hi, couldnt there just be a loop from dundas west, to landsdown, queen w and roncie–why make a transfer–this has been disruptive to the business and the residents, and this would help everyone out. The transfer at Queen and Roncie is just one more barrier to doing business in the area

  5. Hi dlb:

    I know that it’s inconvenient to our neighbourhood, but the bus also has to serve the westernmost part of King Street, because the streetcars are not currently going west of Shaw. There’s construction on King Street right now, which is why the buses have to do this.

  6. Seems that there is no longer any busses on Ronces? TTC site doesn’t seem to have any details…any idea when the stops will be back in action, at minimum northbound?

  7. Hi Kim:

    A small part of the road gave way this morning, making the drive lane too narrow for buses until the contractor made repairs. We were without buses for about two hours this morning, and the bus started running again just before 10 a.m.

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