A-Frame Signs: What You Need to Know

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The City of Toronto has recently decided to strenuously enforce its Temporary Sign (A-Frame) bylaw. You may remember that last year some areas of the city were swept by by-law officers, and unlicensed signs were confiscated.

The RVBIA will let you know if we hear of an imminent crackdown on Roncesvalles.

The bylaw in a nutshell:

• All signs require a $200 annual licence from the City and a letter of approval from the BIA;

• Unlicensed signs may be confiscated by the City;

• One sign per business;

• Businesses with less than 20 feet frontage and second level businesses are not eligible for a licence;

• The bylaw applies to all portable outdoor signage, even on private property, or on your 18 inch sidewalk allotment.

The RVBIA is working with the City to come to a reasonable position with regards to A-Frame signs. Says chair Tony Cauch: “In economic times like these, I find it difficult to reconcile the enforcement of this bylaw with the need to support local business. There are areas that are a hell of a lot more important for the City to focus on, given the economy. I invite you to contact the City to politely but firmly make your voice heard on this issue.”

At present, we recommend that all members comply with the bylaw, and apply for a licence. You can download an application here: http://www.toronto.ca/licensing/pdf/temp_sign_appl_form_jan09.pdf

We also caution that unlicenced signs may be confiscated without notice. You may want to keep your sign off the sidewalk.

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