Attention Businesses! Meeting Called for June 27

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A general meeting for BIA members has been called for June 27, 6-8 pm, at the High Park Library. The purpose of this meeting will be to update members about the reconstruction of Roncesvalles, currently scheduled for 2008 2009 (UPDATE: The project will likely be delayed. Click here for more details).

The BIA has been working with the councillor’s office, city staff and community groups to seek streetscape improvements above the basic streetcar track and sidewalk repair project that is currently planned. The BIA’s 2003 Streetscape Strategy, developed in consultation with businesses and the community, has served as a basis for our streetscape proposals.

A joint community committee, called Roncesvalles Renewed, has been formed with representatives from the three neighboring residents’ associations, the BIA, Councillor Gord Perks’ office and other other community members. Roncesvalles Renewed also includes local, volunteer professionals with a background in architecture, design and urban planning, who have helped us to understand and respond to many of the technical issues that have been raised during the process. By presenting a unified community voice, Roncesvalles Renewed has succeeded in bringing City staff and the TTC to the table to discuss an enhanced streetscape project.

Based on the BIA’s streetscape document, and following other consultations with business and community groups, Roncesvalles Renewed has idenitified four streetscape priorities it hopes to see added to the 2008 project:

  1. Increased and improved tree planting and greenery
  2. New and enhanced public spaces at corner curb extensions, or “bumpouts”
  3. Improved sidewalk standards
  4. Distinctive thresholds, or “gateways,” at the north and south ends of Roncesvalles

Similar features have been incorporated into other reconstruction projects, such as on College Street and St. Clair. However, by getting involved in the process early, Roncesvalles Renewed will give the community a better voice and more ownership of the reconstruction process, and avoid the misunderstandings and confusion that have marred other street renewals.

These streetscape improvements will not happen without strong community support. This is why the BIA encourages all Roncesvalles businesses to attend this important meeting.

UPDATE (July 3, 2007): Thank you to everyone who attended this important meeting. The BIA has passed on your comments and questions to the appropriate people, and we will be posting updates as new information becomes available.

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  1. Would it not be appropriate to hold a design input workshop, such that all plans and technical information is readily available to anyone that may still not be familiar with the various project proposal intricacies and have the relevant city officials present to discuss, explain and incorporate feedback first hand? A 1/2 – 1 day event could prove very usefull.

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