Calling All Mural Artists!

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Click here to view RFP

The RVBIA is calling on all mural artists to submit proposals for our latest mural site at 484 Roncesvalles Avenue, right at the top of Roncesvalles Avenue.

You can download the RFP by clicking here, and view the mural location by clicking on the image at right.

All submissions must be received by 1:00 p.m. on June 26th.

One Comment on “Calling All Mural Artists!”

  1. Please, Please don’t do a mural on that building which faces a historical building across the street. The Starbucks building is listed as a historical site and Greenfield is also a unique building that has 2 old store fronts in the back of it. The paint on the murals peels away in a few short years since bricks breath. Please do you homework. Instead of covering up you should be uncovering what is underneath i.e. the signage not unlike what is on the stores beside it with their antique windows should be on display. Try maintaining the heritage not smothering it with paint.

    L. Korkka

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