The challenges of greening Roncesvalles

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Trees and greenery are an important community priority, for both aesthetic and environmental reasons. Urban trees provide shade, cool the air and actually consume 15 times as much carbon dioxide as the same trees in a rural setting. For these reasons, the City wants to double the urban tree canopy from the current 17 percent to 30 percent. To achieve … Read More

City announces EA for Roncesvalles reconstruction

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In 2009, the TTC will be replacing the streetcar tracks along Roncesvalles, and the City will perform major repairs on the sidewalks at the same time. The BIA has been working with community members, City staffers, the TTC and Councillor Gord Perks’ office to seek streetscape improvements beyond the basic state-of-good-repair. As a result of these efforts, the scope of … Read More

City swiping unlicensed A-frame signs without warning

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Image: Municipal Licensing & Standards Allowable Locations: This diagram shows where A-frame signs may be located, according to a new City bylaw. Today’s Toronto Star reports that the City has begun swiping A-frame signs without warning from businesses who have not received a $200 license sticker. The businesses are charged a $100 retrieval fee to get their property back, plus … Read More

How to balance accessibility with bike safety

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One of the more appealing features of the proposed reconstruction plan for Roncesvalles is the promise of being able to board the streetcar directly from the curb. However, this is more complicated than one might think. For one thing, there is the question of how traffic will move if snow is not completely cleared away from the curb. This was … Read More

Public spaces or parking spaces?

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The City and the TTC appear to have reached a general consensus on the basic design theme of the street, proposed for the 2008 or 2009 reconstruction of Roncesvalles. Back in July, the TTC presented a preliminary plan for curb extensions (bumpouts) onto Roncesvalles. The TTC’s plan widened the sidewalk at TTC stops along the entire length of a streetcar. … Read More

Public meeting to discuss pay parking at Howard Public School – Jan. 17

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Karen Palkowski of the High Park Residents’ Association informs us about an important public meeting to take place on January 17 at Howard Public School (30 Marmaduke St), from 7-9 pm. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss the possibility of making the school’s parking lot available to the public, presumably outside school hours. Parking is tight in the … Read More

City Seeks Our Street Furniture Wish List

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On September 1 2007, the City entered into a 20-year contract with Astral Media to provide garbage bins, bus shelters and other items under the Coordinated Street Furniture Program. In exchange for providing, installing and maintaining these items, Astral will be given exclusive rights to sell advertising on bus shelters and information pillars. There is to be no advertising on … Read More

Grafton Parkette Transformed

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Over the summer and fall, a remarkable transformation occurred at the Grafton Parkette. This parkette, located just north of Queen Street, had been a neglected scrap of land. Today it is a beautiful focal point for the community. How did this happen? Grafton tranformed: The parkette had been a neglected patch of space (below), but over the summer it was … Read More