City announces EA for Roncesvalles reconstruction

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In 2009, the TTC will be replacing the streetcar tracks along Roncesvalles, and the City will perform major repairs on the sidewalks at the same time. The BIA has been working with community members, City staffers, the TTC and Councillor Gord Perks’ office to seek streetscape improvements beyond the basic state-of-good-repair.

As a result of these efforts, the scope of the project has expanded to include new public spaces and other enhancements. But the expanded scope has also triggered a provincial requirement for an Environmental Assessment. The Notice of Study can be downloaded from Councillor Perks’ website here. He reports that the City’s Transportation department hopes to schedule a public consultation meeting in June or July.

While the EA will deal only with “high concept” questions, Councillor Perks is also guiding a parallel consultation process that focusses on the plan’s finer details, and involves greater interaction with the community. While he has already met several times with BIA and Residents’ Association representatives, he says he will host general public meetings in the near future.

The BIA urges all businesses to inform themselves of the plan, and to let the BIA know of your ideas or concerns. Please click here for more information.

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