City of Toronto reveals leukemia hot spots to be created by diesel rail expansion

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A few weeks ago, Toronto’s public health officer, Dr. David McKeown, filed an official objection to Metrolinx’s proposal for a diesel-powered rail link to the airport. Dr. McKeown said that the additional 400 or so diesel-powered trains travelling daily through our neighbourhood would create unacceptable risks of leukemia.

The Clean Train Coalition, representing communities along the rail corridor, released this list of the potential leukemia “hot spots” identified by Dr. McKeown, with addresses (the “R” numbers indicate Metrolinx monitoring receptors):

  • R6: Strachan Ave. and Douro St, north side of tracks, near King & Strachan day care centre
  • R7: Strachan Ave. and Western Battery Rd. area, south side of tracks, East Liberty Village
  • R9: Sudbury St. and King St., north side of tracks, West Liberty Village area
  • R10: Joe Schuster Way and Dufferin St. area, south side of tracks, new condo area
  • R22: Earnbridge St. and Brock Ave,, near Pia Bouman Ballet School on Noble Street (not far from Gladstone Hotel)
  • R25: West Lodge Park Apartments, near Parkdale Public School and Community Centre
  • R26: Lansdowne Ave. and rail line at bridge, south side, near No Frills
  • R27: Lansdowne Ave. and rail line, north side at Northern Place, near Shirley St. School
  • R37: Bloor St. and rail line, at GO Transit station/Perth Ave., east side of tracks
  • R40: Bloor St. and rail line, at GO Transit station, west side of tracks, at Crossways Mall/Apts.
  • R41: Bloor St. and rail line, at GO Transit station, east side of tracks, near Randolph Ave.
  • R42: Bloor St. and rail line, at GO Transit station, east side of tracks, at Randolph Ave.
  • R43: Rail line and Wallace Ave., at bridge over tracks, east side of tracks/Railpath
  • R52: Dupont and Dundas, at Ostler St., east side of tracks, near Carlton Park
  • R56: Hook Ave, in Junction, near Lucy McCormick School
  • R119: Holley Ave., Weston Rd. area

Dr. McKeown has asked John Gerretson, Ontario Minister of the Environment, to stop the expansion unless it uses an electrified line.

The Clean Train Coalition has urged residents to contact the Minister of the Environment before August 31 to demand immediate electrification of the rail link.

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