Community Alert: Elderly targeted by fraudsters

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From the Toronto Police Service:

The Toronto Police Service 11 Division would like to make the community aware of fraudsters targeting elderly people of Polish descent. In recent weeks there have been a number of incidents where this has occurred.

It is reported that the suspect contacts the victims by telephone and speaks to them in Polish. The suspect poses as a relative – a grandson or a nephew perhaps but is vague. They may say they are visiting from overseas or that they are calling from outside of Canada.

Initially, the victim is often taken aback, concerned and unsure who is calling them. In an attempt to establish in their own mind the caller’s identity they may again ask the suspect. The suspect in turn may say something like “your grandson.” The victim may then use their grandchild’s name and that name is then immediately assumed by the suspect.

The suspect tells the victim they are in some type of difficult situation – car problems, legal matters or something else of that nature and that they need money to resolve this situation.

The suspect then asks to borrow money. Once a cash amount is agreed upon the victim is given instructions on how to wire money or make a money transfer.

The whole situation is of course a fraud and the money is never seen again.

The public is advised to be aware of this type of fraud and to be cautious when being contacted by anyone making a similar request.

Anyone with information is asked to contact The Fraud Squad at 416−808−7300

Frauds should be reported to Phone Busters at Toll Free – 1-888-495-8501

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