Construction Update November 8

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Hello everyone:

Here is the latest update for construction on Roncesvalles. Please remember that schedules are subject to change.


The BIA, the City and the contractor have been putting significant pressure on Enbridge to complete their work on Roncesvalles, and to limit the scope of their work to only what is necessary for safety’s sake. They have completed their testing and should be starting shortly.

Enbridge will be doing gas main work on the west side of Roncesvalles from Howard Park Avenue down to Geoffrey Street over the next while. They have limited their work to the west side. There will be no gas main work occurring on the east side of the street.

==West Sidewalk Work==

Sidewalk work is now substantially complete on the west side up to Howard Park Avenue. All that remains is the completion of two platforms at Grenadier and Howard Park Avenue. These will be completed after Enbridge finishes its work.

==East Sidewalk Work This Week==

Work began last Wednesday on the sidewalk from Grenadier down to Geoffrey and continued today down to Westminster.

There have been a few delays on the Grenadier to Geoffrey block that have been admittedly frustrating. One involved a subcontractor who was not ready to complete his work. This work should be finished imminently, if it is not already done.

Work on the Grenadier to Geoffrey block is further complicated by the complexity of the layout. The sidewalk here includes a platform and a tree trench and therefore will take somewhat longer than normal to complete. The BIA is pushing for quick completion of sidewalk here to ensure easier access to stores.

Sidewalk replacement is expected to continue south to Fermanagh Avenue as the week progresses.

==East Sidewalk Work: Next Steps==

Sanscon will either continue south of Fermanagh or start from Howard Park Avenue and work south to Grenadier starting next week. Which work gets done will depend on outside contractors and their schedules. We will make every effort to keep you informed.

Some blocks on the east side are expected to take longer to complete than others because of the complexity of the underlying work.

==Bike Rings==

Sanscon will begin the installation of new bike rings in the next few weeks.

==What Is Expected To Be Complete By December 4==

Sanscon is still on target to get the vast majority of the street complete by December 4. This should include all sidewalk, road bed and paving south of Howard Park Avenue. Extra crews are on site to finish work in a timely manner.

Completion of sidewalk and road work north of Howard Park Avenue will likely be a few days beyond that.

New garbage cans and TTC shelters are expected in early 2011. Other street furniture will follow, like new lamp standards, and trees are expected to be planted in early spring 2011.

Small scale final details, like fine concrete work around planters, will also occur in spring 2011.


There have been a few instances of minor damage to storefront walkways (cracked tiles, for example) and one instance of a slightly damaged overhead sign, as work has progressed on the east side of the street.

Sanscon is keeping track of this (as are we!) and they have committed to repairing such damage to private property over the coming weeks and months.

Thanks very much,

Keith Denning

Coordinator, Roncesvalles Village BIA

(416) 537-2701

4 Comments on “Construction Update November 8”

  1. Please include transit schedules in these updates – last month we were told two-way buses would return October 31 and streetcars December 19. The first is obviously late, what’s the new date? Is the streetcar return still on schedule?

  2. Hi Jeff:

    Beg pardon, two-way buses will return at some point. We had hoped for October 18, but because of the inevitable delays and problems with construction, this has been pushed off.

    Streetcars are definitely returning on Dec. 19, with two-way buses returning earlier than that, hopefully early December, but we can’t be sure at this time.

  3. Can you elaborate on the asphalt (re-pavement) on Roncesvalles? The west side is lower than the streetcar tracks and it makes it uneven when going to side streets (such as High Park Ave for example). Is the west side totally repaved or is more work left to be done?

  4. Hi Robert:

    The west side asphalt is not complete. There are several blocks that still require the top layer of asphalt, which will be coming at some point in the next few weeks. I think they got everything from Marion up to Fern fully done, everything north still requires the top level.

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