Construction Update October 6

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Here is the latest construction update for Roncesvalles Avenue. Please remember that dates and schedules are subject to change.

Howard Park Intersection

The Howard Park Avenue intersection opened up on schedule this morning at 5:00 a.m. Buses now run all the way up Roncesvalles with no diversions.

TTC is continuing to restring overhead wires for streetcars along Howard Park and is expected to finish this work Friday and open the intersection completely on Saturday October 9. On Friday they will start running test cars along Howard Park Avenue, and normal operation of the 506 Carlton car to High Park should resume shortly thereafter.

North of Howard Park

All track work here is complete, and Sanscon has paved the gap between track and road and cleaned up. Southbound traffic restrictions from Dundas should end on Friday October 9 with the completion of TTC wire work in the Howard Park intersection.

Completion of Track Work

Track work is proceeding well. TTC has brought in the final section of rail, and Sanscon has made track completion a top priority. They are aiming to have their concrete work on track completed around October 18, which is roughly a week ahead of their earlier projections.

The block from Grenadier to Constance should open in the next few days, and from Constance to Marmaduke in about a week.

Gas Main Work

Enbridge has expressed concerns about the gas main that runs up the west side of Roncesvalles between Marmaduke to Howard Park.

Apparently the main here is quite shallow and there are long term safety concerns because of this. Shortly after October 18, Enbridge will come in to replace that section of gas main, lowering it and making it safer. Early estimates are that the whole process should take roughly a week.

At this point, we are expecting only very brief interruptions to gas service on this block as services are switched from the old main to the new one. We are working with the contractor and Enbridge to make sure that gas service interruption is minimal, and is timed to meet the needs of businesses, particularly the seven restaurants and the laundromat on this block.

We are told that Enbridge will have staff on site to relight pilot lights promptly after the service switch.

Sidewalk and Road Work

Sidewalk work is resuming this week.

While we do not yet have a detailed schedule, we do have a general idea of what you can expect when sidewalk work resumes in earnest:

1) Several crews will be at work. Work will proceed as follows: sidewalk removal, grading and forming, pouring, road regrading and refinishing.

2) The work zone will be several blocks long but will move quickly. For sidewalk, each block is expected to take roughly three to four days to complete, and they will be working on several blocks concurrently.

3) Sanscon has changed their plans for sidewalk work to a faster, more efficient model. They will be going up the west side of Roncesvalles and then down the east side. This should get the work done more quickly.

4) Road work will follow behind sidewalk work. This will involve regrading and pouring the concrete road base. Once the road base has cured, you will be able to drive and park on this.

5) Asphalt crews to do the final road resurfacing will not follow immediately behind other work, but rather will come in intermittently to resurface a number of blocks at once.

Buses and Streetcars

Buses will continue to run until TTC is ready to resume streetcars, which they tell us will be December 19.

5 Comments on “Construction Update October 6”

  1. Where can I find online the sketches and landscape drawings for Roncesvalles Ave, including an ariel view of the completed results?

  2. I do not go to Roncesvalles all that often but I was there today and it’s already looking SO Much better. I can’t wait until the 504 returns and hope it really is mid-December. Good luck with the weather and fingers crossed!

  3. How about another update? Especially since we seem to be behind schedule for southbound buses.

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