Do you have lead water pipes? Replace them now!

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Many Roncesvalles property owners may unknowingly have lead water service pipes. These pipes are usually undersized, resulting in low water pressure. More importantly, lead exposure is harmful, especially to children and pregnant women. Likely beginning in July, the City will be replacing its lead water service mains during the reconstruction of Roncesvalles.

The City says this water main replacement period is an ideal time for property owners to replace their own lead water service pipes.  In some cases, the City may be able to assist property owners with this replacement.  Please contact Toronto Water at 416-338-8888 for information.

One Comment on “Do you have lead water pipes? Replace them now!”

  1. As far as I can tell from the City of Toronto sites, the city does not assist property owners in replacing their lead (or other) water mains.

    According to the city, having the mains replaced will require hiring a private plumber and will cost the homeowner between $1800 and $3000. There was no mention of the city helping financially or otherwise.

    In fact, I just spoke with a city worker who was replacing the city’s portion of a water main leading to a house on Fermanagh Ave. Very nice guy. He said that he is only permitted to replace the city’s portion of a home’s water main (which connects to the street water main). I believe he said this is 3 or 6 meters from the sidewalk leading to the house. In fact, he is required by the city to backfill his work whether or not a private plumber is standing there ready to finish the job for the homeowner.

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