Free Parking On Roncesvalles

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freeparking.jpgFrom now until November 2010, there will be up to three hours of free parking in any legal parking spot on Roncesvalles Avenue.

Please note that free parking is not a free-for-all. Illegal parking in no-parking zones will still get you a ticket.

But for our law-abiding neighbours, come on down and enjoy everything that Roncesvalles Village has to offer, and park for free!

2 Comments on “Free Parking On Roncesvalles”

  1. Myself and three other friends all received $40 tickets on July 8, 2010 for “illegal” parking in legal parking spots on Roncessvales Avenue… in front of the Local Bar.

    We were at the Local Bar having dinner and drink for just over 2 hours.

    The name of the Parking Officer is N. D’Souza-O’Connor, Badge Number 65758.

    If anyone else has received inappropriate tickets by this officer, kindly email me at

    This Parking Officer caused myself and my three friends a grand total of $120 in tickets.

    I will do my utmost to defend this. I have contacted Councillor Perks office already.

    You should also call Councillor Perks office at 416-392-7919 and register your concern.

    Perhaps the Parking Officer is not familiar with the lack of Parking Meters on the street?


  2. Hello Jacob:

    I was displeased to see that you and your friends got tickets on Roncesvalles. The parking authority still does ticket for illegal parking, and for parking over three hours in a legal spot. Beyond this, they should not be ticketing at all until the end of construction.

    We have had a few cases of bad tickets, and you are doing the right thing by contacting Councillor Perks’ office. They have been very helpful in the past. I hope that you do indeed get your tickets reversed.

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