It’s time for an LCBO on Roncesvalles

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The missing LCBO store on RoncesvallesThe upcoming closure of the Rogers Video (Howard Park and Roncesvalles) and the relocation of the Royal Bank (at Fermanagh) have renewed a perennial community demand for an LCBO store on Roncesvalles.

The image at right, prepared by local resident Dale Fallon, shows the locations of LCBO stores in the west end, including the newest location on the Queensway at High Street. The circles are 2 km in diameter. The “missing LCBO store on Roncesvalles” is shown in red.

Jackie Bonic, Vice-President of Store Development for the LCBO, says “we are aware that the Roncesvalles Village area would benefit from a new LCBO store and are in fact exploring sites in and around this vicinity. Naturally, we must take into account certain factors when choosing a location, including neighbourhood shopping patterns, ample parking, visibility, accessibility, capital costs and leasing terms.”

The BIA would add that neighborhood vitality should also be considered by a publicly-owned monopoly. Too many LCBOs have located in power centres or shopping malls, diverting customers away from thriving main streets. If the government cannot allow us to choose where to buy our wine, we would hope that it not force people into cars to shop outside their local communities.

If anyone has concerns or suggestions for the LCBO regarding a store along Roncesvalles, it can be contacted by email at, by phone at 416-365-5900, or by snail mail at 55 Lake Shore Blvd. East, Toronto, ON, M5E 1A4.

12 Comments on “It’s time for an LCBO on Roncesvalles”

  1. Jackie Bonic needs to have her head examined. If she is outlining the criteria re viable factors conducive to an LCBO location, such as neighborhood shopping patterns, visibility, etc., then perhaps Ms. Bonic can enlighten the Roncesvillains as to why it is that Parkdale – Brock Avenue has had an LCBO for many years now.

    Perhaps Ms. Bonic does not comprehend the fact that we Ronces Folk have to meander over to the Brock location – ah yes, the ideal LCBO locale re demographics, to purchase our liquor.

    Wake up, lady!

  2. This woman (LCBO) is full of it. Talk about stalling measures. I think the LCBO has absolutely NO idea of how our beloved Roncesvalles Village has changed over the ensuing years, for the better, I may add. I get the feeling LCBO still looks upon Ronces as ‘Raunchyville, as it was indeed a decade ago, but no longer.

  3. Somehow I get the feeling that the LCBO will never locate on Roncesvalles, due to their current addiction to parking lots and the big box format. They appear to only open new, smaller format stores on the ground floor of high density condominiums. With redevelopment set for Bloor Street West and Dundas Street West, maybe a LCBO will move in at this location.

  4. I’ll be moving into this wonderful community in 5 days time. I must admit, so far during my long walks around the area I am very much impressed with my surroundings. I hate to hear that this neighborhood was once looked down upon, because being in its presence today does not give off that impression. If an LCBO doesn’t replace the old Rogers Video I can’t imagine what would better occupy that space. What else does Roncesvalle need? Any suggestions? Would a Blockbuster suffer the same consequence?

  5. Hi neighbours.

    I have, today, left a telephone message at Ms Bonic’s (V.P. Real Estate, LCBO) office.

    Having previously attempted to engage the LCBO by way of discussions with Mr Pezzot (Director Real Estate, LCBO), I am hopeful that this PUBLICLY OWNED corporation will, finally,act on this.

    Please know that our neighbourhood does have its challenges-in terms of delivery accessibility.

    That said, the corner location (Ronces and Howard Park) is likely the best location in the Village.

    In the meantime, we encourage all interested parties to contact the LCBO (nicely, OK?).Let them know that ours is a community that can and will sustain one of their stores.


    Tony Cauch


    Roncesvalles Village B.I.A.

  6. It would be wonderful to have a LCBO within walking distance of home. Roncesvalles is increasingly becoming a high density neighbourhood due to the abundance of new condos. We don’t need a huge parking lot in order to provide sufficient numbers of shoppers to make the business case for an LCBO at this location. The Roncesvalles strip is also a hub for several transit lines. Hopefully this will be taken into consideration.

  7. Putting an LCBO on Roncy is a no brainer. If the LCBO is really as committed to the environment and servicing its customers as it says it is, putting its stores in local high density shopping areas like this makes obvious sense.

    Besides, in an area of left-leaning artsy types there are a LOT of people spending money on wine.

    H Long

    Fuller Ave

  8. The loaded phrase in “ample packing” which implies that the LCBO does not understand how our neighbourhood works.

  9. Ok. Looking at this map, I can understand how everyone might be slightly mis-led. The map shown is a simple concentric circle map – one that does NOT take into account demand, traffic routes or surrounding population. It merely shows a basic 2km circular radius around each store. This (although a great attempt) is certainly not a realistic picture of how the LCBO plots stores, or a clear indication of how we shop. Do you only shop within that circle? My guess is no.

    The LCBO conducts VERY high level research each and every year to determine how they can better serve Ontario. Believe me, I know first hand. This store has been reviewed MANY times, with the best intentions for the surrounding area residents… let them do their jobs… they do it well.

  10. Thanks BIA for keeping up the pressure.

    The LCBO must be mad. Every other retailer is dying to locate on busy strips like Roncesvalles. Shouldn’t the LCBO, which likes to identify itself as a responsible servant of the people, see the benefits of having walkable stores?

    Watch the LCBO change its mind, then trumpet its new Roncesvalles store as a model of smar, city-friendly business. I hope they do.

  11. it would be worth the time to reconsider another lcbo store in or around roncesys say the loblaws empty spaces for years; the people are here whgat are you waiting for!!!

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