Messages From MP Gerard Kennedy and RVBIA Chair Tony Cauch

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From Gerard Kennedy’s press release:

Today parliament will be debating an urgent opposition motion to release half of any new federal infrastructure funding from cost-sharing in order to create jobs in the most effective, fair and efficient fashion.

Over the past three weeks, government reports and opposition research have confirmed that parliamentary direction is needed or new infrastructure funds will go either unspent or be wildly biased to Conservative ridings.

We are proposing to support jobs in your local city and community by having half the funds be distributed on a per capita basis and without cost sharing, using the proven methods and accountability of the existing gas tax transfer, with its emphasis on building the environmental advantage that Canada needs to move its economy ahead.

Please add your voice to the debate. Send us an email of support and encourage your municipal representatives to do the same. We will use as many messages as possible in the debate, which runs from 10AM Eastern (7AM Pacific) until 5:15PM (2:15 PM Pacific). If you would like to watch today’s debate live, you can tune into CPAC at 10AM.

Many thanks,


The response from RVBIA Chair Tony Cauch:

Dear Mr Kennedy,

I am writing as one of your constiuents AND as the Chair of the Roncesvalles Village BIA.

We are embarking on a significant renewal of our village in the early summer of 2009.

This project will include replacement of road and sidewalk and, hopefully, the “re-greening” of Roncesvalles Village. The addition of trees and soil cells (which will support their healthy growth and sustainability), will have a dramatic impact on the improved management of our already overloaded storm water system.

We are also looking at environmentally friendly lighting options, among other things, to position us for the future.

Our partners with the Roncesvalles-McDonnell Residents’ Association, the High Park Residents’ Association and the Sunnyside Residents’ Association, have banded together as Roncesvalles Renewed. We have many talented individuals within said group, working with the City of Toronto (through the assistance and support of our Councillor, Gord Perks), to ensure that every nickel of public funding is spent in a socially, environmentally and fiscally responsible manner.

Please appeal to the federal government, on our behalf, to support a “shovel ready” project that has unified residents and businesses alike.

Together, we will build our future.

Yours very truly,

Tony Cauch

A Constituent of Parkdale-High Park and


Roncesvalles Village B.I.A.

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