Mystery Sign Maker Strikes Again!

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mtroncy.jpgThis past week a number of new signs appeared on construction fencing and gravel piles on Roncesvalles, much to our delight!

Clearly this is the work of the same mystery messenger who festooned the neighbourhood with the “So Sucky!” signs that Torontoist reported on a while back.

We really liked the “Mt. Roncy” and “♥ Roncy” signs. A good sense of humour helps us get through all of this. (That’s RVBIA chair Tony Cauch and Business Continuity Committee chair Len McAuley flanking the ♥ Roncy sign.)


If you “heart” Roncy like we do, please continue to support your favourite Roncesvalles businesses while the construction wraps up. Roncesvalles is now completely open from Queen up to Geoffrey, with lots of parking and two-way traffic. Completion of the current round of construction is expected in mid-March.

4 Comments on “Mystery Sign Maker Strikes Again!”

  1. Any word on when there will be South bound TTC service along Roncesvalles?

    Walking home today was brutal!

  2. Hi Laurie:

    Unfortunately, it looks like we may not be able to get southbound buses on Roncesvalles until the work is done in the north end, so mid-March. We’re still hopeful that the TTC will be able to come up with a solution, but it’s not looking promising at present.

  3. I was told by a worker that there won’t be any changes until the entire tracks are reinstalled which will be another 1-2 years!!!

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