Open House to present Roncesvalles streetscape improvements – March 23

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The City of Toronto has scheduled a second Open House to present its proposals for Roncesvalles streetscape improvements:

Monday March 23, 2009

6:00pm – 9:00pm (presentation at 7:00 pm)

Howard Jr Public School, 30 Marmaduke St.

Roncesvalles at Howard Park, one day?

Via Councillor Gord Perks:

Thank you to everyone who continues to stay engaged in this project. I know that it has been a while since I touched base, but I just wanted to give you quick update on our progress and working timelines to date.

The EA process is wrapping and they have scheduled a public meeting for March 23 (public notice here) at which point they will be presenting to the community the preferred option for streetscape reconstruction. Once the public meeting is complete staff will prepare a report to Public Works & Infrastructure Committee – May 5, pending approval a report will be submitted to City Council – May 25, then a Notice of Study Completion will be issued in June.

The anticipated schedule for the surface work on Roncesvalles Ave as follows:

1. Detailed design – Beginning of September to end of December 2009

2. Tender advertising – Mid-January 2010

3. Award date – mid-March 2010

4. Construction commencement – last week of March / first week of April 2010

The timelines above are dates that staff established to meet the construction completion date in fall of 2010.

The detailed design phase of the project, which will determine location of trees, street furniture, etc. will begin this summer.Once the EA is complete I will be meeting with residents to flesh out the design aspects of the street to create a pedestrian realm that suits the diverse needs of the community.

The public notice of the Open House can be found on the City’s Roncesvalles Streetscape EA page, along with the display boards and comments received from the previous Open House last July.

The BIA urges all members, residents and other interested individuals to attend this important public meeting.

2 Comments on “Open House to present Roncesvalles streetscape improvements – March 23”

  1. Unfortunately I missed the Mar. 23 meeting.

    Is there a doc or pdf that outlines the plans and final renderings for Roncesvalles streetcar and sidewalk improvements etc.

    Also, have the dates above been confirmed for construction ??


  2. There will be no final plans until the formal design and public consultation process has completed. According to Councillor Perks, this process will begin in the summer or early fall, and should wrap up by this winter. The City has presented some preliminary concepts that will serve as the starting point for the formal design process, and which you can view on the City’s EA page (link above).

    The dates above are the best we have, so far. But such things have been known to change!

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