Put Your Money Where Your House Is: Shop Roncesvalles!

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Roncesvalles Village is a great place to shop anytime. During the construction a number of our businesses have special deals and incentives to keep you shopping on the street. For example:

Pollocks Home Hardware offers free delivery for any purchase over $50.

Alternative Grounds also offers free delivery of coffee to local residents. Just call 416-534-6335.

Snap Fitness (183 Roncesvalles) is offering a special discount enrollment, just $49 (save $100) plus a free fitness consultation when you join.

Centre for Well Being (478 Roncesvalles) is giving away a free Tshirt with every sign-up for a one-month class.

There are specials at Mossini Boutique (new at 421 Roncesvalles Avenue), Commesse, European Shoe Boutique and Mad Gypsy, to mention just a few.

Keep looking here to see what our merchants are offering you. And keep supporting your local businesses throughout the construction!

One Comment on “Put Your Money Where Your House Is: Shop Roncesvalles!”

  1. I live on Roncesvalles and am very concerned about the welfare of our local shopkeepers, some of whom have been serving us for over 10 years. I wonder if there is some way you can help conteract the ugliness of construction so that they do not go bankrupt and leave us with a ghost town. That would be disastrous for us as well as for them. Right now, our street is barely recognizable as the neighbourhood it once was. I am not sure how best to improve things, bu maybe Christmas lights on the east side of the street that are on all day? It is not just the parking problem that chases us away. I do all of my shopping on Roncesvalles but otherwise I find myself walking through laneways to avoid the area. Second Cup is gone, Boho has gone under, and word on the street is that Mad Gypsy may not be with us much longer. This is just the beginning—green grocers and booksellers are also in trouble. People have now gotten into the habit of shopping elsewhere and they may not return very quickly. How can we do more to keep from losing our neighbours?

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