Put Your Money Where Your House Is: Shop Roncesvalles!

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Roncesvalles Village is a great place to shop anytime. During the construction a number of our businesses have special deals and incentives to keep you shopping on the street. For example:

Pollocks Home Hardware offers free delivery for any purchase over $50.

Alternative Grounds also offers free delivery of coffee to local residents. Just call 416-534-6335.

Snap Fitness (183 Roncesvalles) is offering a special discount enrollment, just $49 (save $100) plus a free fitness consultation when you join.

Centre for Well Being (478 Roncesvalles) is giving away a free Tshirt with every sign-up for a one-month class.

There are specials at Mossini Boutique (new at 421 Roncesvalles Avenue), Commesse, European Shoe Boutique and Mad Gypsy, to mention just a few.

Keep looking here to see what our merchants are offering you. And keep supporting your local businesses throughout the construction!