Read All About It! Roncesvalles Gets Noticed In Toronto Life

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We were very pleased to see that twenty-five of our businesses were lauded in an excellent and glowing online article in Toronto Life.

In appreciation of this, RVBIA Chair Tony Cauch wrote the following letter to the editor:

To the editor:

Thanks for today’s great online feature on Roncesvalles Village (The Roncesvalles Guide, April 22, 2010). We appreciate your recognition of the wonderful businesses in our neighbourhood!

As I’m sure you’re aware, Roncesvalles Avenue is in the midst of a long-planned rejuvenation of our streetscape. We are excited by the expanded sidewalks and other improvements that will soon be built, and the many healthy trees that will grace our street in 2011, planted at grade along our sidewalks, which will create a beautiful tree canopy that will last for generations.

With the worst stage of construction behind us, I wanted to assure you that Roncesvalles Village is a welcoming place and that visitors will have a great time in our neighbourhood. I invite you and all your readers to visit Roncesvalles Village and take advantage of the three hours of free on-street parking in effect until late 2010!

With three hours to linger on Roncesvalles, you could take the opportunity to visit those businesses that were featured in your article as well as the many other terrific cafés, restaurants and shops that make Roncesvalles Village a place I’m very happy and proud to call my home.

Yours truly,

Tony Cauch

Chair, Roncesvalles Village BIA

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